How language skills can help you run your business smoothly

languages help business

Starting a new business is an exciting experience. You probably have a million and one ideas that you would like to try out and lots of strategies for growing your business to great heights. That being said, not many business owners take the communication aspect of business growth as seriously as they should. And yet, its importance can hardly be overstated. (more…)

Immerse yourself in culture by learning as you travel 

immerse yourself in culture by learning as you travel
The benefits of learning a new language are evident. Studies show that those who learn a new language experience a boost in their memory as the cerebral cortex and hippocampus, the areas in the brain responsible for memory, experience growth.

Traveling is possibly the best way to immerse yourself in other cultures and in some cases, a language barrier might not hurt. While it’s prudent to learn the basics of a foreign language before traveling to a specific part of the world, sometimes the nuances of that language can really only be understood if experienced first-hand. What better way to experience the local culture than taking a road trip on foreign land?! (more…)

How to learn new languages: 5 ways to do it

How to learn new languages

Learning a new language is never easy but the internet has utterly revolutionized this process by adding in a host of useful tools and putting them at your fingertips. Today, rather than focusing on the age-old traditional tips on how to learn a language (the kind you can find in dusty tomes at your local library), we are going to focus on how you can get a jump start on the language learners of yesteryear by tapping into the myriad of language resources available online. (more…)