English to Korean, Chinese and Japanese Translation Services

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Chinese is the official language of over one billion people in China, also spoken in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the U.S., and worldwide. When considering English-to-Chinese translation, the form of Chinese selected hinges on your desired target market.

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Japanese is the language of approximately 125 million people in Japan. Moreover, there are thousands of Japanese speakers elsewhere across the globe. Japan continues to be huge commercial player in the 21st Century. The Japanese economy is the second largest in the world. Only the USA has a higher GNP.
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Korean is the language of close to 50 million people in the Republic of Korea (South Korea), another Asian economic dynamo. There are another 25 million users of the Korean language in North Korea. Furthermore, there are thousands of Korean speakers in the U.S. and elsewhere across the globe.

Translation Rates for Asian languages

Our rates range from EUR 0.15 (US $0.18) to EUR 0.20 (US $0.27) per source word, according to the following factors:
Specificity of the text

If a translator has to perform a lot of research, the translation logically takes more time.

Total word count

Our rates vary based on the number of words to be translated.

Requested deadline
If we have to work overnight or during weekends, there is a 50% increase over the basic rate.
Format of the document
The best-fit format for translation purposes is a word processing format (for instance, MS Word-compliant) or html.
As is evident, a number of factors influence the price of a translation. That is the reason that we ask you to send us all files that require translation as soon as possible, so that we can provide you with an exact quote, based on all the factors mentioned above.

Main areas of specialization

Business Translation


Our experienced business translators are well-versed in the full range of business and financial documents that turn the wheels of international trade.

Our Business translation services

Marketing Translation

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Translators specializing in marketing understand how to encourage readers to take action so you can achieve your business objectives.

Our Marketing translation services

Audiovisual Translation


The explosion of the video market has created a demand for translators who know how to translate subtitles and scripts for voiceover. This special skillset only comes with experience.

Our Audiovisual translation services

IT Translation


Given the fast pace of change in this sector, our specialist IT and telecom expert translators stay up-to-date with innovation and technology.

Our IT translation services

Technical Translation

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Technical translation requires not only language skills, but also expert knowledge of the subject area and market in question.

Our Technical translation services

Legal Translation


Legal translations require experts who understand the legal systems and culture behind both languages, with demonstrated experience working in the legal sector.

Our Legal translation services

Any Questions?

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