Audiovisual Translation Services

Audiovisual translation is an art: a series of specialized techniques and approaches, working with different file formats to provide a faithful, fluent, and localized version of your audiovisual text.

Successful translation of audiovisual content requires skillful translators with in-depth knowledge of language, technology, and culture. Whatever your audiovisual project, BeTranslated has the right linguist for you.

Subtitling video content

Audiovisual translation has an individual nature and presents its own issues. While, like any translation, it is a question of transferring the original message into another language as faithfully as possible, there are some significant differences to take into account.

First of all, the source text is usually composed of oral dialogue or monologue. There are several constraints to be taken into account due to the dual nature of an audiovisual text: the target text must stick to a limited number of characters and must be easily read by viewers while visible on screen. Of course, the subtitles must also be synchronized with the dialogue. Our expert translators are able to satisfy the complex needs of audiovisual translation projects.

In the case of closed captions, which allow the deaf and hard of hearing to follow a film or TV series, a color-coding system is also used to indicate what type of sound is being described (birdsong, voiceover, tires screeching, etc.).

Our professional subtitling service

Naturally, at BeTranslated we only assign subtitling projects to experienced linguists with a solid technical background, allowing them to work with various file formats and deliver a perfectly translated or transcribed .srt file.

Fans of the screen with sharp, creative minds, our audiovisual translators are the only professionals fully equipped to transpose the message of your video, movie, or promotional film. While all are native speakers, some even work in the industry themselves as directors, writers or producers of audiovisual content.

As with any sector of the translation industry, hiring specialized translators for your subtitling project is essential. Premium audiovisual translators are adept at balancing the complex issues subtitling presents. Over the years, our translation agency has put together a team of audiovisual professionals, all qualified experts in subtitling who can help you boost your business and spread your message around the world.

We offer the following services:

Video transcription
Closed captions

Do you require a professional audiovisual translation? Look no further than BeTranslated, a boutique translation agency with a team of certified subtitlers. We always work with our clients to respond to any concerns or needs they may have, working towards a common deadline and budget. Get a quote today!

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