Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Services

1. Object

These terms and conditions govern relations between the client (“you”) and BETRANSLATED INTERNATIONAL (“we”, “us”). The signature at the foot of this document signifies the unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of these general terms and conditions by the client, who certifies that he or she has read them in their entirety.

2. Priority

Our general terms and conditions prevail over those of the client, which the client relinquishes except under circumstances that are clearly defined.

3. Responsibility

a. Of the translation agency
We cannot be held responsible for any delay in completion of the work due to illness, accident, incapacity to work or act of God. We also decline all responsibility in the event of delay arising from the late delivery of the source text, either by the client or by a third party (Post Office, courier company, etc.), of damage to the source text and/or to the translation itself, or of the loss of either of these documents during transportation. The same applies if the client fails to supply the information required in order to start or finish the translation. We do not assume any responsibility for defects in the text supplied by the client. Nevertheless, we undertake to inform the clients of any potential delay as soon as possible. Finally, we take on responsibility for the quality of the performed translation as far as this latter is used in its entirety and without any modifications. In all cases, our responsibility is limited to an amount equating to the value of the invoice, excluding VAT, for the assignment in question.
b. Of the client
The client will provide to us, in advance or during performance of the assignment, all information that is necessary for the correct performance of the said assignment.

4. Professional Secrecy

We are bound to professional secrecy. This implies confidentiality in terms of both the identity of the client, of the content of the source text and of the translation itself.

5. Rates

The applicable rates are noted in writing on the order confirmation. All indicated amounts are understood exclusive of VAT, unless there is an explicit indication otherwise.

6. Term of Delivery

The term of delivery is determined in writing with the client. Receipt of the source text and definite order of the assignment are equally indicative of the commencement of this term.

7. Performance of Assignment

In order to perform an assignment, we reserve the right to have recourse to a third party, without prejudice to our responsibility as regards the confidential handling and conscientious performance of the assignment.

8. Cancellation of Assignment

The client may cancel an assignment unilaterally, either before or during the course of a translation. If the assignment is cancelled before work has been commenced, the client will not owe any payment. As concerns work underway, remuneration in accordance with the service already performed will be owed by the client.

9. Complaints

Under penalty of nullity, all complaints bearing on the nature, object and/or the amount of our services must be indicated in writing and by registered mail within a period of 10 working days from the date of delivery of the translation. All translations that have not been disputed within this period will be deemed accepted by the client. Complaint does not suspend the payment term. A complaint with regard to non-conformity of an assignment must be justified thoroughly under the use of dictionaries, glossaries and/or of an equivalent text written by a competent native speaker. Unjustified rejection of a translation cannot, at any event, amount to grounds for non-payment of the invoice. If the complaint is judged to be well-founded, we will improve or replace the supplied text within a reasonable period or, if we are unable to satisfy the client’s request reasonably, we will grant a discount on the price.

10. Payment

Unless otherwise noted on the invoice, invoices from BETRANSLATED INTERNATIONAL are payable in Euro within 15 calendar days from date of invoicing. Any sums not acquitted within this period will give rise ipso jure and without formal prior notice to interest calculated at the rate of 8% per annum. A penalty of 12% of the amount due at a minimum of EUR 125 will also be owed. Furthermore, debt recovery fees will be borne by the debtor. In the event of absence or default of payment, BETRANSLATED INTERNATIONAL will be entitled to suspend or to withdraw definitively from its assignment, and to do so at the sole risk and peril of the client; no compensation shall be claimable by the client.

11. Dispute

All disputes will fall under the exclusive competence of the courts of the judicial district of Liège. Belgian law applies to the services and invoices of BETRANSLATED INTERNATIONAL.