Professional Korean Translation Services

Why are Korean translation services so important?

The Republic of Korea (South Korea) is one of Asia’s economic tigers. Using Korean translation services to tap into that market makes good business sense and here at BeTranslated, our experienced translators will take care of your Korean translation project every step of the way. We provide accurate, timely translation services between Korean and English which will meet all your business needs.

Is your business in need of English to Korean translation services?


Break into the important Korean market

Are you looking to expand into the Korean market? Korean is the native language of approximately 45 million people in the Republic of Korea (South Korea). There are another 25 million users of the Korean language in North Korea and millions more around the world. Our expert native translators are on hand to produce accurate translations of all your texts from marketing content to legal documents so you can confidently build strong links with your associates and clients in Seoul or Busan.

Accurate Korean translations

BeTranslated´s network of professional Korean translators specializes in documents of any type and in any field. We choose the most suitable translator for your Korean translation project, whether it is marketing copy for your high-end skincare brand or content for your website. Our language experts are highly-skilled at navigating the trickier cultural elements of translating from English to Korean in order to produce the best translation for your company’s needs.

Cost effective & High-quality translation services

We offer cost-effective translations produced by experts in their field, whether it is electronics, automobile manufacturing or movie subtitling. Our project managers and executives also have experience as translators, meaning the entire team are specialists in the industry.

If you need professional translations for your business, feel free to request a quote or contact us today.

Professional translation services and proofreading

Since our top priority is customer satisfaction, you can confidently entrust us with the translation of your documents. We believe that quality always comes first. Provide us with your texts for any industry, from construction to tourism, and we will assign it to an expert translator, and a second expert will review the documents in the source format.

We provide accurate and professional translation services to meet your requirements and expectations based on our years of experience.

Main areas of specialization

Business Translation


Our experienced business translators are well-versed in the full range of business and financial documents that turn the wheels of international trade.

Our Business translation services

Marketing Translation

Marketing 1

Translators specializing in marketing understand how to encourage readers to take action so you can achieve your business objectives.

Our Marketing translation services

Audiovisual Translation


The explosion of the video market has created a demand for translators who know how to translate subtitles and scripts for voiceover. This special skillset only comes with experience.

Our Audiovisual translation services

IT Translation


Given the fast pace of change in this sector, our specialist IT and telecom expert translators stay up-to-date with innovation and technology.

Our IT translation services

Technical Translation

Technical 1

Technical translation requires not only language skills, but also expert knowledge of the subject area and market in question.

Our Technical translation services

Legal Translation


Legal translations require experts who understand the legal systems and culture behind both languages, with demonstrated experience working in the legal sector.

Our Legal translation services

Any Questions?

Our experienced project managers are here to answer all your questions as they guide you through the process. Get in touch today for more information or a free quote!