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Why Choose BeTranslated for Your English Language Translations?

English is one of BeTranslated’s most requested languages as both a source and target. We regularly translate between English and major global languages such as French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and more. By focusing our services on high-demand language pairs, we’re able to provide accurate English language translations with a focus on high quality and a quick turnaround.

Discover our English translation services for documents, website translation, and even SEO and proofreading/editing of your AI-generated content in English.

English Translation Services

Why Should You Translate Your Content Into English

English Helps you Reach 380 million People

English is the mother tongue of around 380 million people and the second language of over a billion. Translating your website and other key documents to the lingua franca of business, travel, and international relations is vital for growing your market share, regardless of your location. Plus, the EU and the US have the biggest trade relationship in the world, so English translations of your company’s annual reports or business plans will give you access to this important market.

Potential Customers on Every Continent

English is widely spoken in North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and more besides. That means there are possibilities for your business to develop its client portfolio across several continents and a variety of industries, from commerce or law to chemical manufacturing. In addition, English is the de facto language of the internet and technology so translating your tourism or sales website into English will boost your profile among potential customers.

Connect with an International Audience

English is also one of the main business languages. For companies wanting to become a real force in the global marketplace and financial world, English language translations of your documents will be key. For example, Germany is one of the EU’s biggest exporters to the USA, so translating your product catalogs or instruction manuals from German to English could be a useful gateway into this market.

Compete on the International Stage

English has long influenced cinema, gaming, music, international news, science, and the internet. Now, however, movies and music from other parts of the globe, as seen by the Korean Wave, are challenging English dominance. Translating your audiovisual content or technical documents into English will make them accessible worldwide and make your company a major global player in culture, tech, and science.

Our Featured English Translators

French to English Translator in the IT Field

Kerry translates exclusively from French into English. Due to his experience and expertise, he specializes in many fields, including computer science, security, software, and hardware, but also economics, human rights, and other related fields.

French-English Translator
French to English Business Translator

Andy has been a freelance French-English translator since 2005 and also works as a language teacher. In addition to French, he translates from Spanish and Catalan into English for a large number of international clients.

french english professiona translator
French-English Translator Specializing in Aeronautics

Nancy brings her experience and attention to detail to BeTranslated’s clients by offering translations between French and English, as well as proofreading, editing, and writing services. She is also the representative of BeTranslated in the United States.

French to English translator
Professional French-English Translator

Tony has been working as a full-time French-English translator for 10 years. He actually got into this profession when he moved to the French countryside. He specializes in various fields ranging from the technical to the commercial sector, particularly in real estate and tourism.

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