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Breaking Language Barriers: Your Key to Global Web Presence with our Website Translation Services

Investing in Website Translation Paves the Way for Profitable Returns

Translating your website is one of the most profitable ways to reach foreign markets. Although English is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world and many people read and understand it, cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings and distortions of your message.

And let’s face it – buyers prefer to buy in their own language. A professional translation is a necessary step to properly represent your brand internationally.

BeTranslated can translate your web pages into the languages ​​of your choice in any electronic format, and offers flexible solutions for the translation of your web content.

Why Should You Use Our Translation Services to Translate Your Website?

We Offer Partial and Complete Website Translation

Many companies understand that they need to translate their website to reach a wider international audience, but they might not have considered that they do not have to translate the entire site.

BeTranslated also offers partial translations of only the most important content of your site, or the pages that you are promoting through SEO to your target foreign markets. Our services are tailored to your company’s specific needs.

In most cases, we do recommend translating your entire site. However, you can decide to translate only the main pages to highlight your international products and services before opting for the complete translation of your site and blog articles.

Translating selected pages can provide a solution that fits your needs while keeping an eye on your budget.

SEO-Oriented Translation of Your Content

Besides translating the visible content of your website such as articles, sales pages, and product pages, we can assist you with translating meta tags and image descriptions. Proper translation and localization of your site’s SEO content is essential to guarantee the best possible visibility on Google, resulting in more traffic to your site and ultimately more client engagement. Ask us how!

Translating your site’s invisible text is a real art that many companies tend to underestimate. What’s the point of translating content if it’s hard to find on Google search?

Humanize AI-Generated Content

Additionally, we offer services for the refinement and enhancement of your website’s content. Particularly for AI-generated content, as we diligently ensure that your content aligns with cultural norms, and employs precise subtleties and local expressions, all the while fine-tuning the AI-composed text with a human touch. This guarantees that your material will resonate with your niche and clientele.

What Format Should I Send for Translation?

Customers generally send their site content in Word or Excel. This is the simplest format for translation and is the least expensive. However, it could potentially take longer to integrate the content into your site, so there is the second option of using connectivity technology with CMS solutions like WordPress (visit WordPress).

Before we take on a project, we will discuss these details with you, so both parties are happy. We also translate websites in a variety of other formats, such as XLIFF, JSON, Properties, and HTML.

To make things easier for customers, we can also embed content in your favorite CMS or translate exported files in the format of your choice. Another option is to set up a WordPress plugin that manages translations. This way, you can directly receive the translated content within the backend of your content management system, requiring the least work on your part before you can integrate the translated content into your site.

Contact us, and together we can find the best solution for your budget and internal process.

Website Translation Into Your Market’s Language

If you’re thinking about expanding internationally, translating your website is a logical first step. Creating FrenchGerman, or Spanish versions of your site will allow you to reach a larger audience.

Providing localized content in your readers’ native language gives you the edge when it comes to earning their trust and giving your company credibility.

Whatever the language, our expert translators will deliver a result that meets your expectations. However, you should be aware that each language you add to your website will result in more time required to manage it. Therefore, we recommend that you begin by translating your site into one additional language first. This gives you a chance to implement the appropriate procedures. Once you’re familiar with the requirements of managing a multilingual website, we’ll be happy to translate your website into other languages.


Professional Translation Services

Websites & Blogs
Multilingual DTP
Translation of Professional Documents

Translation of Professional Documents

Whether you need the translation of a single page, a thick user manual in PDF format, or a presentation for a conference, our experienced content translation professionals understand how to meet your business needs.

Our guarantee: to deliver quality translations on time and at a price that fits your budget. We respond to your requests quickly, meet your deadlines, and deliver professional language services at competitive rates.

Website Translation Services

Translation of Websites & Blogs

Translating your website is essential to expanding your business to new markets.

While broadening your reach online is easier than ever before, communicating in a way that resonates with native speakers appealingconverting in each market still requires the skills of  language experts. That’s where we come in.

An accurate translation of your web content and blog articles is key to appeal to customers in new markets and to convert new prospects.

Sworn Translation

Sworn Translation Services

Sworn translation services ensure accurate and official translations of legal and administrative documents. Sworn translators are authorized by relevant government bodies and possess the necessary expertise to translate documents such as court records, notarized statements, and official certificates.

With a commitment to confidentiality and professionalism, we provide reliable and efficient sworn translation services to meet the needs of clients in legal matters.

Audiovisual Translation

Audiovisual Translation Services

Looking to reach a global audience with your audiovisual content? Our specialized audiovisual translation service is the answer. From subtitling to dubbing, we provide accurate translations that preserve the original meaning and cultural nuances.

Our team of experienced translators and voice artists ensure that your message is effectively communicated in different languages, enhancing the impact and accessibility of your audiovisual projects.

Transcription Services

Transcription Services

A transcription service is a professional service that converts spoken language or audio recordings into written text.

Save time and effort with our transcription services. Our team of experienced transcribers meticulously convert your audio and video recordings into written text, ensuring accuracy and attention to detail.

With quick turnaround times and a commitment to confidentiality, we deliver reliable transcriptions that meet your deadlines and exceed your expectations.

Remote Interpretation

Interpretation Services

Our interpretation services cater to a wide range of needs, from business meetings to international conferences. We offer both on-site and remote interpretation, ensuring seamless communication regardless of location. Our team of professional interpreters is proficient in multiple languages and specialized fields, guaranteeing accurate and effective translation of spoken words.

With the latest technology, our remote interpretation service allows for real-time, clear, and convenient communication, breaking down language barriers and enabling global connectivity with ease.

Desktop Publishing Services

Multilingual DTP Services

Our Translations with DTP (Desktop Publishing) services provide a seamless blend of accurate linguistic translation and professional layout design, ensuring your documents are both comprehensible and visually appealing to your target audience.

Our DTP specialists adapt your documents to maintain their original formatting, including the adjustment of text boxes, images, and page layouts. This integrated approach guarantees that your translated materials are ready for the global market while also maintaining the professional appearance and brand consistency you need.


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