Global business guide: top tips for international expansion

The consistent growth of a business always means the expansion of its audience. In a globally connected age, that means international development should always be factored in as part of your business plan. There are many challenges to international trade, but as more of the world gets online, global expansion is no longer loaded with the barriers that it used to be. The rewards can make the hard work more than worth it. If you have hit a growth wall and you’re considering expanding your business to reach an international audience, here are some of the best tips that could turn your company into a worldwide brand. (more…)

BeTranslated named a global translation leader by Clutch !

BeTranslated Clutch B2B Companies

Here at BeTranslated, we know that communication is the window to business success and prosperity. That’s why we we’re dedicated to word-class translation and making sure that your message is heard. Whether it’s professional documents, websites, or blogs, we have got you covered. We guarantee we’ll be able to deliver quality translations on time and at a price point that works for you financial limits. (more…)

How to start an online translation business

start an online translation business

English may still be the lingua franca of global business for now, but this doesn’t change the fact that the globalized economy creates hot demand for language skills in the UK and beyond. Brexit has created a surge of demand for translation work, which is likely to be sustained as companies look to move into new markets. For those speaking non-European languages, there’s never been a better time to parlay those skills into starting an online translation business. (more…)

Top reasons why Valencia is the perfect city for freelancers

Freelance Valencia

The ability to work from anywhere in the worldis one of the greatest benefits of remote freelance work, and if you can choose to live anywhere, why wouldn’t you choose a thriving, culturally stimulating coastal city with beautiful weather? Why wouldn’t you choose Spain’s third-largest city, Valencia?


Use Valencia’s lively expat community to network

Valencia NetworkingValencia’s many attractions have drawn expats from all over the world, giving the city a cosmopolitan feel and excellent networking opportunities, while retaining its authentic Spanish charm. There’s a great selection of networking groups and events to help you connect with other digital nomads in the city such as Meetup and InterNations. Valencia’s startup scene is also booming, with new companies from language learning services to fintech and fashion companies regularly popping up. All this activity will give you great opportunities to network and find new clients. Translators and language professionals will be interested to know that Valencia is home to a wide variety of translation agencies, including several big players. Whatever your industry you should be able to take advantage of these plentiful language services as translation plays a vital role in global business success. Why not take a look at Valencia-based BeTranslated’s specialized business translation services to help your business reach new international clients?


Find your perfect coworking space

Coworking space for freelancer translatorsThe coworking movement has provided freelancers worldwide with communities with which to exchange ideas, and stimulating, well-equipped places to work. Remote workers in Valencia are spoilt for choice as these spaces can be found throughout the city with many offering hourly, daily, and monthly rates. Check out Wayco in Russafa, Botánico in the historic center, and Tantam Coworking in Benimaclet, to name a few. Of course, if you prefer working in cafés or libraries, the majority of places in the city offer free WiFi and many are very work-friendly; you’re bound to see other people with their laptops out.


Save money, live well

affordable ValenciaAlthough Valencia offers many of the same benefits and facilities as Madrid and Barcelona, it’s much cheaper to live in. The strict measures imposed on holiday rentals by Valencia’s regional government are limiting holiday tourism’s influence on the rental market, meaning that the city’s rents are significantly lower than other major Spanish cities. Add to this low utilities; reasonably priced, quality restaurants; cheap public transport; and free healthcare, and living in Valencia makes great financial sense.


Traverse the city with ease on foot, by bike, or public transport

Valencia bike lanesValencia is the perfect size. It’s big enough to enjoy the advantages of any metropolitan area but small enough not to be overwhelming. Although there are great metro and bus links throughout the city, many people choose to walk or cycle. Valencia makes the most of being a flat city by having over 150 kilometers of cycle paths, with more being added regularly. It has an affordable city bike rental system, Valenbisi, so the health or eco-conscious digital nomad can zip from one side of the city to the other without problems. Valencia is also well-connected for international travel with many direct flights throughout Europe.


Enjoy one of the best climates in Europe

Valencia WeatherFor many people moving to Spain, the weather is an important factor in their decision and Valencia certainly delivers on that front. With a Mediterranean climate and an average of 320 days of sunshine a year, it’s a very tempting place to live. And the city offers many opportunities to make the most of the pleasant temperatures, whether in the Turia river park, which snakes through the city center and is a hive of activity; the stunning and easily accessible beaches; or the myriad of bars with outdoor seating.


Food, culture, and natural beauty…take your pick

Valencia cultureWhether you prefer wandering historic streets, trying out water sports in the warmth of the med, or sampling local delicacies, you’ll never be bored while living in Valencia. The city has some of the most famous museums in the country including the family-friendly scientific and cultural leisure complex, the City of Arts and Sciences. Living in Valencia also means you’re never far from areas of natural beauty, such as the Albufera National Park which happens to be the birthplace of Valencia’s most famous (and delicious) local dish: paella. Valencia is also home to one of the biggest festivals in Spain, Las Fallas, an explosive event that has to be seen to be believed.


Don’t let internet slow you down

Valencia internet speedIt’s all very well enjoying the sunshine and great food, but when you need to get on with your work, practical questions like internet speeds become more important. Valencia ranks high with an average speed of 45 Mbps, so you shouldn’t have any problem wherever you are working from, be it your home, a coworking space, or your local bar. So you can get your work done and get back to enjoying the city.


Never worry about safety

Valencia safetyYou may be moving to Valencia as a single person or with your family, but either way, feeling safe is a priority. In Spain, it’s common for people of all ages, from pensioners to children, to stay out late so you never feel alone or unsafe in the city. You’ll be happy to know that it’s not just a feeling; Valencia boasts reassuringly low crime rates, so you can enjoy the city day or night without worrying. You can also breathe easy knowing that air pollution in Valencia is extremely low.

Have we tempted you to make the move to Valencia? If you do decide to take yourself and your business global, chances are you’ll be in need of a professional, reliable translation service. From document translation to marketing language services, BeTranslated has got you covered. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for further information or to get a free quote.

How intuitive AI translates product ideas into prototype plans

Artificial Inteligence

While you might feel like you’ve conceived the greatest idea for an invention in the world, the fact is, it’s easy to come up with product ideas. In fact, Steve Jobs used to say that ideas themselves hold very little value. Everyone has ideas and we create them at an immeasurable pace as a species because we can’t help but think about the possibilities and what ifs.

Often, it is our inquisitive and innovative nature that sparks the inspiration of a product idea while you’re having lunch or walking the dog. The bottom line is that product ideas are nothing without professional design, engineering, and manufacturing services.

Artificial intelligence can already outperform human design

So, you’ve decided you’re going to hire a team of product designers to help you make your idea a reality? That’s an understandable course of action in today’s tech climate, but fast forward a decade from now and you might just have a desktop software that does it all for you based on a set of parameters which you can provide and adjust to your likings.

There is already targeted, design-oriented AI software that can test millions of different design possibilities and determine an ideal design based on your supplied criteria. While some companies have already used this kind of intuitive AI to design highly aerodynamic drones, it can be used for something as simple as determining which type of single-side-PCB would be the best fit for your device prototype.

Testing possibilities at a naturally impossible rate

So, how can a machine possibly design something on its own? Well, this kind of AI works by first assembling a core design based around data related to existing alternative products. So, building upon the previous example, if you were developing a drone then your starting point would be a composite mix of all the current drones on the market.

That’s usually a decent starting point, but then from there the software can test the design on various simulations to determine optimal values for attributes like speed, efficiency, aerodynamics, weight, and shape. There are existing intuitive AIs that can perform millions of these tests and continually refine the design based on test feedback during the time it would take a team of humans to test one or two design possibilities using the conventional prototype-building approach.

The potential rate of advancement is frightening

In closing, it’s important to consider the ramifications that this kind of problem-solving computing could have for society in the near future. While it’s true that the most immediate effects will be beneficial in that we will enjoy more optimally designed products from narrow AIs that are trained to perform specific tasks, that would only be a speck at the beginning of a general AI’s learning potential.

If you combined the efforts of many computers into a single general AI that’s capable of unguided intelligent thought, you could have thousands of years of human progress completed in a matter of weeks. In a situation like that, we’d be dealing with an entity that would be far beyond our own understanding, which would undoubtedly have the knowledge and robotic ability to create new forms of biological life or create profoundly positive or negativity events for existing life forms, like the humans who haphazardly created it.

Writing your technical article from zero by native vs translation. Pros & Cons

writing by native or translators

The Internet is exploding at a healthy rate, and so are the opportunities for businesses across the globe. There are many companies with many ideas of translation or writing texts for foreigners. The issue that non-English speaking entrepreneurs are facing now is that they usually need to translate their website into English, or they have documents for their business that need translating. (more…)