Web Content & Blog Translation: All You Need to Know

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Web and Blog Translation Services

The digital revolution, with the shooting popularity of social media and digital marketing, brings a huge growth in the need for original and regularly updated content across several channels.

That’s why at BeTranslated we offer flexible translation services at affordable prices, such as blog translation, perfectly tailored to your online content needs.

Our translation agency offers bespoke translation solutions to help you produce quality content targeted towards markets in Belgium, Italy, China, or any country of your choice.

Our professional translators localize your online content or website into English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German, as well as many Asian, Scandinavian (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish) and Eastern-European languages.

Blog Translation Into Your Chosen Language

We understand how important it is to regularly update your blog with quality content. You will no doubt soon appreciate the benefits of counting on a professional language service provider to provide translations for all your online commercial activity.

At BeTranslated, we regularly carry out newsletter translation, blog translation, articles, or texts to be published on social media. Our providers are experienced professionals in SEO and will help you meet your publication goals punctually and efficiently.

Send us your e-commerce content to be translated in an MS Word or HTML file, or exported into the format of your choice (.po,.xliff, .csv or .xml). We will then work with you to agree on a deadline on which we will deliver your expertly translated content.

Our team is always prepared to handle a large variety of file formats.

In the case of more complex formats, we work together to find the best solution to integrate the translation with your workflow and content management.

Translation of Newsletters in the Language of Your Target Markets

As a Community Manager, you may be looking to communicate with international communities in Europe, Asia or in the Middle East, for example.

To reach your intended market, you will be required to translate articles on a daily or weekly basis. Want to truly capture your reader’s attention? Write to them in their native language!

Translate to English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese – or as many languages as you possibly can – so that your online content properly resonates with all of your target audiences.

Our professional website and blog translation agency will help you communicate with your audience in their language, keeping them up to date on your company news and activities, inform them of new products, or to boost your member campaigns.

If you are looking to reach new markets in Europe and beyond, you’re in the right place.

Want to have your online content translated quickly and easily? What are you waiting for? Request a free newsletter, website and blog translation quote today!

Website Translation: How We Handle Your Files

Although we do not oversee the technical integration of your web content, we are more than happy to recommend an appropriate solution and to put you in contact with a qualified web developer to help you integrate your translated content.

  • Direct translation from word processing document: translation of content within an MS Word file is the most economic and quickest option. If you export to this file format, we’ll take care of the translation and leave you to take care of integration.
  • Translation from your CMS: we can help you to install multilingual translation management plugins for WordPress. Once the plugin is installed, this will allow you to export your content into a variety of file formats compatible with our translation software.
  • Website translation from other file formats: we are also happy to deal with more complex file formats, such as MySQL databases, csv format product catalogs, etc.

Our team is always prepared to handle a large variety of file formats.

In the case of more complex formats, we work together to find the best solution to integrate your website and blog translation with your workflow and content management. Contact us for a free translation quote or to find out more information about our online content translation services.