5 Top Marketing Concepts to Consider Before Translating Content

translating content

Deciding to scale up your business and appeal to international markets is a fantastic way to reach new customers and boost your sales numbers. However, accomplishing this goal means you have to translate content to help maintain your brand’s unique voice.

To achieve this goal, you need to develop a sound marketing translation strategy that will guarantee your business enjoys optimum ROI. To make a good first impression, you will need to conduct thorough research on your target audience to have a better understanding of potential global clients.

Top concepts to consider when carrying out marketing translation

Since you will be venturing into international markets, you need to understand that every country has its own culture, so employing the same business marketing tactics as those used in your home country may not work. Business owners should consider getting specialized marketing consultants such as SEO Ibérica to help carry out the transcreation of their marketing content into Spanish, for instance.

Translate content that matters

One important aspect that you need to factor in when translating your brand’s promotional content is to ensure that your information is consistent and engaging. Avoid taking shortcuts; have all relevant marketing content professionally translated by a professional translation agency. It is only by doing so that your content will resonate with readers across different languages.

Clearly define your target audience

Before starting to translate content for marketing, always strive to ensure that your marketing consultant is deeply familiar with your public audience. This entails having knowledge of your demographic’s age, cultural background, and region. Market surveys, including survey translations for non-English speaking markets, are a great way to gather intelligence. Having a proper understanding of your audience will help you to efficiently customize the translation of content in a suitable manner to your target audience. This will help provide better results for your marketing efforts.

Develop a style guide

Utilizing a translator’s style guide will help your brand establish a content writing style that is easy to follow irrespective of the languages being translated. It will also allow your business’s content to maintain consistency across the chosen markets worldwide. Your brand’s style guide should include clear instructions on abbreviations, acronyms, and industry-specific terms. The style guide should also be able to adhere to set regulatory stipulations.

Partner with native marketers and linguists

Choosing to work with native marketers grants you the competitive advantage of having a team player who has an in-depth understanding of your audience. Say, for instance, you want to translate content to promote your business’s content to the public in Argentina; working with a native marketing consultant who has the same background as the Argentinian population will ensure that crafted marketing content is specifically tailored to that segment of the market, as well as being professionally translated into Spanish.

Redesign your visuals to suit the local public

Visuals play an important role in content marketing as they help to increase the engagement rate of your content and at the same time, maintain the attention of your readers. This means that you should design images and take photos that your public audience can associate with. Also, remember to have all the text that is contained in your chosen images translated into the relevant language.

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