E-Commerce Translation: The Benefits of Translating a Website

e-commerce translation

In today’s digital world, your site’s effectiveness in drawing in prospective customers is as vital as ever. Many consider website visits as their first point of contact with your business.

Hence, it only makes sense to invest in e-commerce translation right from the get-go. Doing so allows you to secure a sale, nurture your relationship with your customers, and boost brand loyalty.

One way to make your website more accessible, and make visiting it a more pleasant experience for customers, is to translate your online store into various languages.

Keep in mind that 88% of customers do not return to a website after having a bad experience. In this post, we will take a closer look at how a multilingual site can benefit your business:

Gaining a Broader Customer Base

The number one reason you should translate your e-commerce site is to widen your current customer base.

The more users that can access your site using their native language, the more prospective customers you will have. The takeaway here is that the language that you use for your e-commerce site plays a significant role in broadening your current customer base.

Although using English is an excellent start in penetrating the global market, not everyone speaks and reads English.

Hence, it would be best if you can cater to various languages. Deciding which languages you should feature on your e-commerce site needn’t be a difficult task.

The trick is to analyse both your current customer base and the markets you wish to expand into. Here are some of the most common languages that people choose to add to their online stores:

We’re not saying that you should add all these languages, select the ones that are appropriate for your business. In fact, adding at least one language in your e-commerce store will make a significant difference.

Increasing Your Search Engine Visibility

Your online success as a company is dependent on if you can rank highly on search engines or not. The higher you rank on search engine results, the more likely that your prospects will see you. This can impact your sales and profits.

Now, how do you rank high on search engine pages when you’re trying to attract a foreign audience who browse in different languages? Not only do you need to translate your site’s content, but you also need to have it indexed on SERPs to be optimized for international SEO.

Ideally, you should translate everything on your site, including your metadata. After you’re done with all of this, you should structure your site so that it’s easily scannable for search engine bots. This can help improve your e-commerce website’s search engine ranking.

Reducing Bounce Rate and Improving Conversion Rate

By investing in a multilingual site, foreign users who visit your e-commerce store are less likely to leave quickly. As a result, you get to reduce your website’s bounce rate. By decreasing your bounce rate, you will help improve your conversion rates.

That’s because offering your store in multiple languages will make it easy for visitors to understand your content. They will feel confident, knowing that they can understand every step in the purchasing process.

Improving Your Brand Image

To stand out, you need to do everything to impress your customers. Having a multilingual site serves as proof that you’re running a global business that cares about its customers. It says that your company is broad-minded and thinks on a global scale.

All these things can have a positive impact on how customers perceive your business. They will associate your company with professionalism and high-quality products, and will be more likely to return.

Increasing International Competitiveness

Another reason why you should have a multilingual site is to overtake your competition. You must get ahead of the game and translate your content before your competitor does. This will give you a significant advantage because you can be found by a broader audience than your competitors.

In other words, you’re reaching out to a bigger audience. That’s because any language barriers no longer hinder you from making a transaction, and you become the go-to brand for customers around the globe.

Improving Customer Experience

Everyone loves to be addressed with their native tongue. It tells us that the company we’re engaging with cares about us and gives us a sense of security knowing that we’re not going to misunderstand anything.

By having a multilingual site, you’ll have a better chance of selling your products to someone from China, for example, if your website is in Mandarin. In the same way, you can connect better to a Spanish speaker if they will see that your site is in Spanish. Although the cost is minimal to hire a professional translation service to translate your site, the benefits are huge.

Over to You

Setting up a multilingual e-commerce site can be daunting. However, you can do this seamlessly as long as you have the right tools and support.

So, take your business to the next level by adding multilingual features. Doing so can help you expand your market reach and let you cater to non-English speaking customers. As a result, you will see improvements in your sales and revenue over time.

The key to succeeding in this endeavour of website translation is to work with an experienced translation agency you can trust. At BeTranslated our skilled translators specialize in specific subject areas, making them experts in their field. When you’re ready to translate your e-commerce site, contact us for more information or a free, no-obligation quote.