Use Translation to Effectively Break Into New Markets

Break into new markets

When is it time to translate your company’s documents, press releases, reports or websites?  Well, according to business experts, the time is NOW. Use Translation services to expand your business into new markets!

Why do we neglect to use translation?

It’s no longer a hassle to get a professional translation service to translate your documents on short notice, so why doesn’t everyone do it? Sometimes it’s simply a case of not realizing the value of translation in helping you to reach new international markets. We place limits on ourselves and our company market outreach. We can be our greatest obstacle to getting the word out about our company or product to new markets. Translation is the key to boosting your company’s global presence and creating some buzz on the internet. Everyone should be doing it!

Translation leads to exponential market outreach

Translation can truly increase your web presence exponentially. Let’s do a little experiment: do a Google search on your company and see what comes up. You will probably see your website, articles about your company, press releases, pictures, videos, and perhaps some related documentation. Now, imagine this same process in another language, such as Chinese. There is a good chance nothing will come up, simply due to the language barrier.

What if you could bridge the language gap so that a search in several languages would bring up your company, your products, articles about your achievements, and even documentation?

By translating your website or web page you could increase their visibility almost overnight, improving your SEO ranking. Take the number of hits you get today in your main language, say English, and multiply that times the number of languages that are out there…the mind boggles!

Get started expanding your market today

Perhaps you’re thinking, sounds great, but how do I get started? Well, it’s actually quite easy:

  1. Select a page from your company website that best represents your company, along with a list of keywords.
  2. Get quotes on translating it into 10 target languages (quotes should be free).
  3. Choose a reliable translation agency and get your web page translated.
  4. Add the translated pages to your website and have the keywords and keyword phrases in each language added to your website internet title tags and meta descriptions (this is basically the title a visitor sees in the browser tab when they visit your website or what a search engine like Google sees when it “crawls” your site).

Congratulations! You have just created an explosion of links onto search engines and reached readers you didn’t even know were there before. This is your “Global Outreach” and you have just taken the first steps into conquering new markets.

So What’s Next?

You now have a new reader base to tap into so choose more web pages, articles, press releases or social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube) that you want potential customers to have access to and translate your next page of content to draw them in via international search engines. Let professional translators do the legwork by making your company as appealing to new markets as it is to your current customers.

Professional translation companies can then create custom “localized” content for you (web pages, articles, press releases) directly in the target languages rather than translate your original content which may not be culturally relevant. Get started today and you will be well on your way to developing your brand both internationally and “culturally”.

Now that we’ve convinced you that translation is vital for your business you are probably looking for a trustworthy translation service. Look no further than BeTranslated! Get in touch for more information or a free, no-obligation quote today.