7 Reasons Why You Should Get a Multilingual Business Website

Nov 16, 2021 | Business, Website Localization

multilingual business website

Have you considered producing your web content in multiple languages?

History has a lot to teach us when we are ready to learn. From the epic strategies of The Art of War by Sun Tzu to the wise proverbs from the richest and wisest man who ever lived – King Solomon. We can all use their teaching in different facets of life, especially in business.

But today, we’ll focus on a figure who normally goes unmentioned in most texts yet performed exploits that shaped the modern-day world as we know it—Alexander the Great.

Do you know how Alexander managed to conquer the known world? He used a rather ingenious strategy: instead of grabbing people’s lands and forcing them to bow to the Greek gods, he allowed them to continue their practices as long as they embraced Greek culture. Kingdoms were willing to open their gates for him to come and rule them.

The British Empire also used a similar strategy to spread its language to the modern world. However, as internet usage increases, the dynamics continue to change. As of 2021, Asia has the highest internet usage at 53.4%. And the number of internet users in Africa surpasses that in North America by 4.8%. In other words, you’re missing out big if you are only focusing on English speakers in your business website strategy.

Business websites that are embracing a multilingual approach have much to say when it comes to clicks and conversion rates. For example, top slot sites with a multilingual website design now boast an international standing in the casino world. That’s how you take your business to the next level!

With no further ado, here’s why using the best multilingual website builder will likely make you the next Alexander.

1. Language hinges on culture

Language barriers locks you out from a whole ocean of culture and customers.

Have you heard the phrase “humans are social beings”?

Well, part of being social means we are, at heart, cultural beings. We have an innate desire to belong to, for want of a better word, a ‘cult’. It could be religious, but it also could be a political group or a sports team. Whatever the case, a multilingual business website allows you to use language to create multiple groups all at once.

Americans are proud of their nationality, just the same way the Chinese and Japanese are proud of their culture. If you want to appeal to non-natives and increase your sales, use something close to their hearts: language!

2. A multilingual business website increases traffic and sales

Ultimately, the whole purpose of having multiple languages is to reach out to diverse markets. And it works. As it stands, 0.83% of websites optimize a multilingual approach. That’s around 1.7 million websites. Those that have hopped into the bandwagon continue to benefit from increased traffic, leading to more organic sales.

Do you want more evidence that a small business website could gain massively from translating content into different languages? In 2015, Neil Patel decided to embrace this approach and to translate his website content into 82 languages. The process was essentially straightforward, but eventually led to increased traffic of 47% in 3 weeks.

Can you beat that?

3. Multilingual websites are a cost-effective marketing strategy

It’s no longer a secret: digital marketing is slowly replacing the traditional way of working. What’s more, it’s way cheaper for most businesses. While many businesses still rely on bricks-and-mortar conventional sales and marketing techniques to reach an older demographic, the dawn of the planet of the internet users is quickly becoming a reality.

All you need is a different approach, and you’re well on your way to building your empire

Creating a multilingual website from scratch is expensive. Moreover, translating all your content manually from page to page is also exhausting and impossible for businesses with lots of content. However, if you reach out to a team of expert translators, you’ll end up saving yourself a heck of a lot of bucks. Moreover, you’ll have your entire small business website translated in minutes in multiple languages. How’s that for cheap and effective?

4. Localization builds brand awareness

Small and big businesses that desire to keep up with the competition need to go the extra mile to keep up with the ever-changing algorithms of different search engines. Some countries are now relying on homegrown search engines, diverting from Google and Yahoo. These search engines prominently feature the local language. If you want your business website to appear in localized markets, you have to localize it yourself.

A multilingual website creates trust in different markets. Moreover, you can capture an aging demographic who don’t use English as their first language. According to the previous census, 67.3 million Americans were non-natives. That’s one in five. What’s your business strategy to reach out to such a massive market at home?

5. A multilingual business website may increase site ranking

In today’s market, if people don’t find you in a digital space, they won’t find you at all.

That’s a call to up your SEO game. A good multilingual website builder will not only translate your content, but will also make it SEO-sensitive. Moreover, it should also focus on translating images and making them relevant to your intended demographics.

You can now receive high-quality translation services at the touch of a button. The technical nature of your business website should not be a limiting factor.

Hack your search engine’s ranking through maximizing on different languages

6. Translation adds a personal touch

Translating websites is customer-centered; customers who feel involved and cared for will likely shop with you again. Personalizing content builds trust and reliability, and feeling acknowledged and appreciated is human nature with a grain of psychology.

7. Your business will grow

Anyone who starts a business aims for growth. Anything that doesn’t grow but stagnates does not survive. In the online market, growth is one crucial factor if you are to swim successfully through the waves of competition.

A multilingual business website allows you to gain ground in new markets. Think of it as Alexander winning new empires. The difference is that you get to welcome them using something dear to them: their language. A 2020 survey showed that 74.1% of internet users were non-English speakers. If you intend to reach out to this vast pool of customers, you need to do it on their terms.

At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of growth


Differentiation is fun, and it works. In our present competitive world, it helps to differentiate yourself from the rest. A multilingual business website is one such approach that’s not only fun, but also leads to more revenue. Reach out to us, and we will show you how to make your website multilingual in no time.