Make Sure Your Translated Content Is Print-Ready!

translated content

With the availability of companies specializing in high-quality, low-cost digital printing services such as Helloprint, it has never been so easy to leave a lasting impression on your clients! At you can find a wide range of printing services to get the ball rolling on your next multilingual marketing campaign.

When carrying out international marketing campaigns or localizing your printed media to meet the demands of your international clients, it is crucial not only to present your content well but also to invest in quality translated content. For this, it is always a good idea to contract the services of a professional translation agency. Before your media is print-ready, your text must be translated and proofread by language professionals, to ensure that the content is just as strong as the presentation.

Professionally printed and translated content: the secret to success!

From billboards and flyers to balloons, business cards, banners or coasters: don’t let a bad translation ruin your business’s reputation. Even the smallest spelling mistake or inaccurate translation can make you lose credibility with your foreign audience, or even with potential customers walking past your shop or looking over your company flyer.

For example, a mistake in a restaurant’s menu already gives the customer an idea of the quality of service they will receive. The presentation of your business, even in another language or country, should always reflect the quality of your service offer.

Nowadays, companies that wish to reach out to foreign language audiences have no excuse! With a wide range of specialist translation agencies providing language services in a range of language combinations, often working alongside your graphic designers to localize your InDesign and PDF files to perfection, international-minded companies are spoiled for choice.

The combination of an affordable, professional print service provider and the services of a human, native translator makes all the difference when attempting to reach foreign markets, helping to reach your target audience and bring in significant returns on your investment. Humans are visual beings, and a well-printed, well-translated content can see your website hits and customer visits grow exponentially.

Translated print marketing campaigns: a worthy investment

Banners full of spelling mistakes, poorly written flyers, business cards translated with free online translation tools; many businesses have taken a risk in order to save money, and have lost hard-earned customers as a result. The translation of print media or the presentation of your advertising message is worth investing in, as it will form a lasting image of your company and what it represents.

With companies like Helloprint it is easy to obtain high-quality, well-printed advertising material on all possible and imaginable commercial formats (business cards, letterheads, pens, notepads, etc.) to impress your customers and stand out from the competition. Quality print advertising is the best way to convey your company’s message, regardless of your field of activity.

Unlike online marketing campaigns, printed media leaves a lasting impression on your customers, is circulated manually and is always accessible. A clear, structured and well-printed flyer or leaflet is the best way to represent your company, and it is imperative that it makes a good impression on a customer who is hearing of your company for the first time. First impressions speak volumes about the services you can offer.

The costs of poor print and translation quality

Translation agencies often warn their clients, “do you think that a good translation is too expensive? Well, just imagine how much a bad translation will cost you.”

The way your final printed media is presented is just as important.  Leaflets, business cards or advertising brochure – they should not only translate perfectly but also printed and designed to your taste and according to your company’s needs. You will soon see positive results, with your new printed and localized media spreading awareness of your company’s image and services.

Optimize your potential with quality digital printing and specialized translation provided by industry professionals.