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The West Indies are a very popular destination for European clients, looking to spend a dream vacation under the warmth of the Caribbean sun. Tourists and businesses alike are drawn towards the breathtaking locations of Jamaica, the Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Barbados, St Lucia and Haiti (to name just a few) where they can find a splendid array of paradisiacal beaches, turquoise seas and a wild, rich, natural landscape.

The Caribbean: An Increasingly Popular Destination

According to the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), more than 30 million tourists visited the Caribbean Islands in 2017. If we add on the number of passing visitors on cruises, that makes more than 56 million tourists fallen for the charms of these islands. Some destinations have even seen a two-fold increase in tourist traffic.

Unsurprisingly, most visitors come from the United States and Canada, with numerous visitors coming from Great Britain and Ireland, in search of escapism and vitamin D. In 2017 alone, tourist activity generated more than 37 billion dollars in terms of turnover (a 3% increase compared to 2016). This trend is expected to continue during the years to come.

Reach New International Markets and Communicate With Your Clients in Their Native Language!

Are you one of the following businesses?

  • Tourist office
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Travel agency or tour operator
  • Airline
  • Trip planner
  • Cruise operator
  • Vehicle rental
  • Hosting, reception and chaperoning of tourists
  • Wedding and event planners

The internet gives you the perfect opportunity to market your services online… But will your target clients understand your website? Our professional translation agency with local project managers in the Caribbean can translate your web content or travel brochures.

What Language Solutions Can We Offer You?

BeTranslated has offices in the Dominican Republic, as well as in the United States, Spain and Belgium. Since 2002, our translation company has been translating from and into a wide variety of European languages like Spanish, French, German, and Dutch as well as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Korean for a range of clients operating in the tourism industry.

Throughout the years we have completed projects for tourist offices, local administrative bodies, local organizations and private companies.

Professional Document Translation in All Formats

Whether it’s translating web content or paper travel brochures, BeTranslated is happy to work in whichever format you require, from Word and Excel to PDF and InDesign files. Our agency can translate your:

Document translation for the hotel industry and all other areas of operation within the tourist sector requires professional experience and cultural sensitivity. We are proud of our experience in this sector, and our clients always benefit from a professionally executed translation service.

We also work in the following sectors:

  • sustainable tourism
  • fair tourism
  • ecotourism
  • business tourism
  • medical tourism

Betranslated: Your Tourism Translation Specialist

Whether you’re an American company looking to localize your content for the Caribbean and European market or a British travel agency in need of a multilingual brochure, BeTranslated is the agency for you! With our international agency structure, there is always a project manager working in your language and time zone. For more information or for a free quote, contact us!