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Professional Translation of Press Releases

Your company makes an important move on the world stage, an advance that will really grab attention if you can get the right media outlets to tell about it.

Naturally, you want to get a press release out right away, but will it be enough to issue it in just one language? It’s shortsighted to create a release only in English when you want to influence decision-makers in Germany or Italy.

Press Release Translation Services

Efficient Multilingual Press Release Translation Services for Global Expansion

If your firm has international reach (or even aspirations), you need to translate all your press releases into the languages of nations where you want to increase your presence. But it’s not something you can accomplish alone – you need a translation partner with the depth and experience to produce those multilingual releases while the news is still fresh.

Fortunately, with BeTranslated you’ll find responsive, professional translators who turn out and help place first-rate translated press releases, all at affordable prices.

Press Release Quality

When you issue a press release on an important development, you make sure it is informative and well-written so that it has the quality that major news sources demand.

We ensure our translations are accurate and represent exactly what you stated in your original release. When they reach the editor’s desk in a target city, there’s a high probability the release will be published thanks to the quality of its translation.

The Time Factor

Nobody can deny that time is a major factor when translating press releases. Just like the editor in your home city, overseas papers require business news to be both interesting and timely.

Therefore, we insist not only on quality translations, but on meeting your deadline as well. We will work with you to be certain we receive your original release as early as possible, so our team can generate your translations in short order. Often, we’ll have your translated press release ready to go global before your local paper prints it!

Competitive Rates

BeTranslated provides you with world-class service and results while maintaining very reasonable rates.

Today there’s a wide range of prices in the translation industry, from outrageous to cheap. Relative to our competition, clients find our prices pleasingly affordable.

Once we have started a global press campaign for your company, we’re confident you will stay with us because we deliver the best-translated press releases, on your schedule and at a fair price.

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