How language skills can help you run your business smoothly

languages help business

Starting a new business is an exciting experience. You probably have a million and one ideas that you would like to try out and lots of strategies for growing your business to great heights. That being said, not many business owners take the communication aspect of business growth as seriously as they should. And yet, its importance can hardly be overstated. (more…)

Your customers are waiting to read your website in their language

multilanguage website

The Internet has opened up a whole range of possibilities for businesses looking to reach their customers. Nowadays, whenever you are thinking of making a purchase, your first instinct is likely to go online. Either you search for a company online or visit their website directly. Searching for a business online has become the most common method among customers. (more…)

BeTranslated translates for the Caribbean tourism industry

Caribbean translation services

The West Indies are a very popular destination for European clients, looking to spend a dream vacation under the warmth of the Caribbean sun. Tourists and businesses alike are drawn towards the breath-taking locations of Jamaica, the Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Barbados, St Lucia and Haiti (to name just a few) where they can find a splendid array of paradisiacal beaches, turquoise seas and a wild, rich, natural landscape. (more…)

Translation of blog articles and web content

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Web content translation

The digital revolution, with the shooting popularity of social media and digital marketing, brings a huge growth in the need for original and regularly updated content across several channels. That’s why at BeTranslated we offer flexible translation services at affordable prices, perfectly tailored to your online content needs. (more…)

Machine translation vs. human translation – The results

In an increasingly hyperconnected world, companies are under increased pressure to reach foreign markets, adapt their brand and tailor products to potential clients across the globe.

The role of translation in this process is crucial. Targeted, localized, culturally relevant and accurately translated advertising campaigns are essential for creating positive brand associations.