Medical translation services: everything you need to know!

Nowadays, all types of automatic translation engines are available for free or at a very low price. However, BeTranslated recommends you think twice before using these tools, especially when technical translations in the medical or pharmaceutical field are involved. In extreme cases, the difference between an algorithm and a professional can mean the difference between life and death.


7 ways to build up your translation agency

Translation services are essential businesses that allow clients to understand documents in different languages, and many freelancers and sole traders consider setting up their own translation company. However, once you have opened your agency, what comes next? Read on to find out the best ways to build on your business’s clientele, profits, and expertise. (more…)

Professional environmental study translation: stay one step ahead

translation environmental studies

Environmental impact assessments are now essential in the implementation of the principles of sustainable development and can minimize the effect of building projects on living spaces. Our online translation agency has the experience and expertise to achieve the best translations of environmental studies that experts in the field of management and evaluation of natural environments are looking for. (more…)

How to ensure you get the most out of your translators

performance translator

No translation business can succeed without a team of skilled, hardworking translators. Improving the performance of your team will be critical for success and taking the company forward, but this can be a huge challenge particularly if you are using remote and/or freelance translators where you are not working alongside them each day. (more…)