Translation for the food and beverage industry

gastronomic translation

Food is intrinsically linked to our cultural identity as well as our well-being and exploring food from other countries is a common passion amongst many people today. As our tastes have become more international and more food and berverages get imported and exported every day, quality translation has found itself essential in this industry. (more…)

BeTranslated continues to provide translation services during the pandemic

Already responsible for thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of infected individuals, the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, poses a devastating risk on the world economy. Nevertheless, BeTranslated continues to offer its translation services at the height of the crisis thanks to our 100% decentralized network system. (more…)

Mistakes translators make and how to spot them

mistakes translators make

In a world as rapidly progressing as ours, business endeavors often cannot wait. And even if you and your client don’t share a common language, you have to communicate in order to close the deal. Thanks to professional translation services – scoring that huge account with your German, Japanese, or Chinese-speaking customer should be a piece of cake. (more…)