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BeTranslated is a vast network of translators with a wide knowledge of different languages. It has proven industry exposure to provide translation services to companies worldwide. BeTranslated is listed amongst the top translation firms at GoodFirms for its professional translation services.

Company Introduction

Founded in 2002, BeTranslated is a translation firm located in Spain. The firm calls itself a boutique translation firm consisting of professional translators who work with various languages to provide expert translation services. The firm has been streamlining processes to deliver industry-based translation services at reasonable rates. Flexibility, good response times, professionalism, and reliable references are some of the benefits clients can receive after partnering with BeTranslated for translation services.

BeTranslated’s team consists of freelance translators who go the extra mile to translate documents and offer the best translation services. With considerable industry experience, the team of professionals works with dedication and accuracy to maintain a healthy relationship with clients. The firm has only one point of communication: BeTranslated’s regional managers, who are responsible for reviewing the projects and offering guidance on them.

Goodfirms Research Process

GoodFirms is an evaluation platform that evaluates companies on Quality, Reliability, and Ability attributes. Through this, it helps service seekers hire a translation firm to fulfill their clients’ business translation requirements. To get ranked on the website, professional researchers properly evaluate companies on these mentioned attributes. After that, they are categorized on the website. The same parameters were used to assess BeTranslated, and it was clear that it delivers the best translation services to clients from different fields.

Offering Professional Translation Services

The team at BeTranslated is hands-on, working with various languages through which it provides genuine, accessible translation services. The firm is set up with a network of project managers worldwide who work as a team to give projects meaning through translation. The firm offers services for clients from the American continent and European and Asian countries.

By doing so, it is also able to deal with different time zones. Each language solution is delivered with a commitment to providing the best quality work within the budget agreed. For the best translation services, the firm guarantees to take projects according to ability and availability. The firm is known for its attention to detail and efficiency in work due to its qualifications and experience in the translation industry.

At affordable rates, BeTranslated delivers services with a fast turnaround time. Clients can rely on the BeTranslated team for the best translation services thanks to a team that specializes in German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Scandinavian, Italian, and Asian languages. Good premium-quality content makes the firm a valuable translation service provider today. 

The competitive era makes it crucial to deliver a professional, appealing translation, and BeTranslated guarantees this. In order to provide the right services efficiently, the firm first understands the clients’ business needs and delivers the best product within the agreed deadline. In addition to that, it responds in a timely manner to client’s queries and requests to meet the deadline.

Business documents, audiovisual translation, marketing copy, technical specifications, IT translation, and legal documents are some of the services offered by BeTranslated. The highly qualified team members have a wide range of knowledge in diverse areas. With a fast growth of knowledge on the subject area, they promise the best translations at very competitive rates.

For the experienced team of BeTranslated, customer satisfaction takes absolute priority. Consequently, they endeavor to oversee the project quickly and accurately. Moreover, all the translation services are subject to clients’ specific requirements, making the client extremely satisfied with the translation received. As a result of promising quality and unique translation in a variety of languages, BeTranslated gets listed as one of the best translation companies in Spain at GoodFirms.

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