7 Ways to Build Up Your Translation Agency

Build up your translation agency

Translation services are essential businesses that allow clients to understand documents in different languages, and many freelancers and sole traders consider setting up their own translation company.

However, once you have opened your business, how do you build up your translation agency? Read on to find out the best ways to build on your business’s clientele, profits, and expertise.

Hire and Train Skilled Employees

The success of every translation agency depends on the expertise of its employees.

The right employees can help your company to grow by contributing new skills and ideas, maintaining great customer service, and ensuring that the quality of the services that you provide remains high.

To enable your business to reach new heights, you should consider using integrated talent management software, which combines different aspects of the recruitment process, such as training and background checks, to upgrade your human resources.

For example, while background checks ensure that you are hiring the best and most reliable employees for the job, training can continually develop your current employee’s expertise to further build up your translation agency.

High-Quality Customer Service Is Key

Good customer service allows you to form strong connections with clients and make sure your business is seen as trustworthy and reliable.

Customers invest in businesses that have impeccable service, as such companies are more likely to keep their data safe and solve any issues quickly.

To boost your customer service, you should make your translation agency is easy to contact by displaying your email and telephone details prominently on your website.

You can also install contact forms, web chats, and chatbots onto your website so that existing and potential clients can speak directly to your team (or an AI) whenever they need to.

Additionally, make sure to train employees to maintain polite and positive connections with customers.

They must listen to customer concerns and go out of their way to solve any problems they may have. If you can perfect high quality customer service, you will easily be able to build up your translation agency.

Connect With Your Target Audience

An integral factor to build up your translation agency is the ability to expand your target audience, as this can increase your sales and customer base.

One of the best ways to form a direct connection with your audience is to communicate with them via social media.

This gives you an informal platform through which to speak to clients and answer their questions.

You should also consider writing a blog; content writing can give you the chance to strip back your corporate façade and develop a brand voice that potential customers can relate to.

Diversify Your Translation Services

Many translation agencies grow by diversifying the services that they offer. One of the most common ways to do this is to start offering translations in a new language or translations of different types of documents.

For instance, if you currently work on legal documents, you could consider offering website translation services.

If you mainly work with romance languages, why not expand into other European languages, such as Hungarian or Dutch?

This will attract new customers to your business, as well as enable your services to stand out from what the competition has to offer.

Collaborate With the Competition

Although it may seem counter-productive to work with your competition in order to build up your translation agency, collaboration can have a number of positive effects on your business.

Not only can collaboration prevent an all-out war with your competitors, but it can also encourage audience growth through an association with other companies.

To do this, you could invite another agency to host an event in your area, create strategic partnerships on different products, share marketing campaigns, or even consider a business merger.

Work With a Business Coach

If you are struggling to build up your business, you should consider hiring a coach who can give you guidance that is specific to the needs of your translation agency.

From managing your finances to recruiting experienced translators, they can isolate any issues which are preventing your company’s growth and begin to remedy these by offering professional insight into your industry.

Reinvest Into Your Services

Getting the right amount of funding is vital if you are looking to expand your translation agency, especially if you want to increase the size of your premises, employ more translators, or enhance your marketing drives.

Many businesses decide to reinvest in their company by applying for training courses and webinars, redesigning their website, upgrading their technology, or attending conferences within their sector.

However, all of these investments require funding. To get this, you should give yourself a set wage out of your profits, cut your expenditure, create separate business and personal bank accounts, and look at applying for grants from different business schemes.

Developing your translation business is the natural next step if you want to ensure your company’s success in the future and increase your profits.

Once you have implemented methods to improve factors such as the finances, customer service, and marketing of your translation agency, it will not be long before you are able to achieve your targeted business growth.

As you expand your business, your own translation needs will grow, and BeTranslated’s professional translation services are here to help.

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