How to Scale Your Tech Startup Globally

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Founding a startup is one of the most exciting yet terrifying moments in most entrepreneurs’ lives. You have many goals and dreams, but at the same time, there is a level of uncertainty about how things will move forward – especially bearing in mind the state of economic uncertainty the events of 2020 have caused.

When it comes to scaling a tech startup globally, there are many things at stake. One of the most common challenges tech startups face is finding the right talent. Hiring top tech talent is difficult, not because there is a developer shortage, but because talented developers in the US are expensive. Therefore, you either pay high salaries, which most startups can’t afford, or you hire developers who charge lower prices but whose skills aren’t as strong.

So, what’s the best way to scale your tech startup globally without spending all your investments? Take a look at these four strategies:

1. Start with the basics: The right tools

Currently, we are facing the so-called remote work revolution. Telecommuting was, of course, a thing before 2020, but due to the pandemic, most businesses had no option but to arrange remote working policies. What were the consequences? Many companies realized all the benefits that working remotely has and decided to make it permanent.

But to get results and achieve goals, these companies had to significantly alter their structure. This meant they had to adapt their old methods and start working with new tools that allowed them to communicate better and manage projects efficiently. For many, remote work was a total success, and now companies want to scale their tech startups by hiring remote developers from around the world.

However, there is one common problem that most companies face when hiring remote employees: language and communication.

Companies tend to specify languages and time zones to make things easier when hiring employees internationally. However, if you want to expand your location ratio, language shouldn’t be an excuse. With the right tools, such as translation services, you can scale your tech startup at an affordable cost, without language being a problem.

2. Find and hire top tech talent fast at an affordable cost

If you want your startup to be successful, you need to have the right people by your side. When you are just starting a business, you require employees who understand the essence of your company. Usually, startups don’t have enough money to spend on high salaries, however, when hiring talented developers, money should never be a problem.

One of the biggest benefits that remote work has, is that it opens a world of possibilities when it comes to hiring and recruiting tech talent. You can find exceptional tech talent for your startup (or in any other industry) at an affordable cost. You don’t have the limitations of hiring in a determined area, so you can find and hire employees that live in cities with lower costs of living. Going remote equals more tech talent for less money.

3. Enable full transparency in your business

Startups often struggle to launch and be successful because they are not fully transparent. To enable full transparency in your business, it’s fundamental that you cover the basic but most important aspects at an organizational level.

This means knowing what your core values are. Why is your startup so valuable? What do you stand for? Keeping in mind these principles and transmitting them to your employees will help them understand why their job matters.

Besides the core values that should be collated in a workplace culture book, it’s also critical to establish the communication channels from day one. Whether your startup business is remote or not, it’s fundamental that your new employees understand how communication works in the company.

Other aspects such as regular meetings, feedback sessions, work policy, and team-building activities are valuable foundations for your startup.

4. Focus on customer retention

Another key to scaling your tech startup globally is to keep in mind the big prize: customers. Without loyal returning clients, as well as new customers, your startup will never succeed.

Your employees should believe in the product or service your startup offers and use that passion to sell it well. It all starts from inside to outside. Imagine having salespeople who think your product is garbage – they would never be able to sell it successfully! This highlights the importance of hiring top talent that actually believes in your startup and in your core values.

Focusing on customer retention will help you find constant ways of improving what you sell and gaining even more customers. Marketing is a powerful tool but negative customer reviews can kill a business so make it your goal to keep your clients satisfied.

Key takeaways

Scaling a tech startup doesn’t come overnight; it requires passion, vision, and a lot of hard work. This is why having the right tools, a solid team, and a transparent business that focuses on its clients are four key strategies that will help you succeed.

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