How to Ensure You Get the Most Out of Your Translators

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No translation business can succeed without a team of skilled, hardworking translators. Improving the performance of your team will be critical for success and taking the company forward, but this can be a huge challenge, particularly if you are using remote and/or freelance translators where you are not working alongside them each day.

There are a few effective strategies to try which should help to improve employee performance, help translators to feel valued, and take the company forward. Read on to find out what these strategies are and why they should be used.

Provide Regular Feedback

The most effective strategy is to provide regular feedback. It can be hard to know how you are performing without feedback, and this can lead you to either feel unsupported or assume that your current level of work is fine. Therefore, providing consistent feedback lets your translators know you have their back and allows you to show them ways in which they can improve (along with what they are doing well). Additionally, frequent conversations about performance can help to create a bond between employer and employee, which fosters a hardworking environment.

Encourage Autonomy

Although it is smart to provide feedback to your translators, you should also avoid micromanaging them: instead you should encourage autonomy. People usually perform best when they determine their own way of working, as opposed to compromising to meet strict guidelines. Trust that your team will get the work done to a high standard, and they should prove you right.

Use Engagement Surveys

Employee engagement surveys from places like are also an effective way to improve employee performance. These surveys make it easy for you to consult the thoughts and opinions of translators toward the business so that you can find solutions to any issues that they have. In addition to improving the experience of your employees, this also shows that you value their input and want to help them to succeed in their work.

Provide a Productive Work Environment

If you have a team working at the office, you need to make sure that this is a space that allows them to be productive and work to the best of their abilities each day. This will mean having high-quality and ergonomic equipment, comfortable furniture, plenty of natural light, plants and the freedom to personalize their own workspaces. Productive employees mean a profitable business.

Keep Them Challenged but Not Overworked

It is important to strike the right balance between making sure your translators are challenged without overworking them. Performance can drop significantly when employees are bored or repeating the same work, but the same can happen when you put too much on their plate. It can be hard to find the right balance and each worker will be different, but this is key for improving performance.

If you are looking to improve the performance of your translators, then these are the best strategies to try. This should help to take the company forward while also helping your team to feel important and valued, which is key for improving morale, creating a positive work atmosphere and  maintaining employee loyalty.

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