Is Your Translation Business’ Network Insecure?

Nov 22, 2019 | Business Tips, Translation

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As translators, we often work with documents containing sensitive information, so the need to feel confident in the security of our translation business’ computer networks is essential, and we always upload documents securely.

Network vulnerabilities can cause a threat to your business and personal information by allowing your data to be accessed by malicious parties. To avoid your network crashing and losing personal data, check out this guide for the best ways to ensure your network’s security and highlight any issues before becoming vulnerable to attack.

What Are the Top Three Threats to Your Network?

There are many different types of threat which could affect your IT infrastructure, and therefore your business, and any cyber threats that occur should be reported.


Viruses are usually accessed by clicking on rogue attachments or downloaded from suspicious websites. These can access your passwords, send spam from your computer, delete items on your hard drive, and block your security settings. They can also make your computer run slower; the last thing you want when working to a tight deadline!


This type of software can be downloaded without your knowledge or consent and can be used to access the information stored on your computer such as passwords, financial information, and contact details.

Trojan Horse

Trojan horses take the form of trustworthy downloads or attachments, but these replicas can then access personal information on your computer, as well as finding passwords and accessing data.

What Could Make Your Network Vulnerable?

Wireless Access Points

One of the benefits of working as a translator is being able to work anywhere, but connecting to the Wi-Fi in your favorite café without adequate protection could lead to security issues. Wireless access points can make your network vulnerable, as hackers can use the network without being spotted. To stop this, you need to use encryption to prevent any hackers that access your network from finding out personal information.

Old Software

Keeping on top of software updates helps ensure your confidential data is protected. If you haven’t updated your software, you won’t have accessed security patches that can guard vulnerable elements of applications against hackers. Without this, hackers may be able to access your network and operating system through the knowledge of old faults in the systems.


Passwords are meant to provide security, but only if you use them correctly. It’s important not to choose weak passwords, store them online, or forget to change default passwords. These can easily be guessed or discovered by hackers, and so leave your network open to infection.

How Do You Spot Vulnerabilities?

Security Awareness

As a translator, your computer is indispensable, so it stands to reason that you should invest some time in learning how to keep it safe. Having an awareness of different types of vulnerabilities (e.g. social engineering and malware) helps you to spot their signs if they occur.

You should have a basic knowledge of the different types of cyber threat to prevent these issues, such as not clicking on untrustworthy downloads and being prepared to update your network using security tips to ensure that it is not compromised. It’s also advisable to make security awareness part of your training plan to ensure that any employees you make have known the basics of security as well.

Security Software

You can prevent issues by downloading security software. Endpoint security software at can help to prevent malware and other issues from accessing vulnerable networks through its combination of encryption, firewalls, and security scanning software.

Vulnerability Scanning Tools

You can also spot vulnerabilities by utilizing scanning tools and tests on a regular basis. These can highlight any issues and weak points your network may have, allowing you to isolate and fix the specific problems which may later cause damage to you and your business.

Now that you know what can make your network vulnerable, how to spot any security breaches, and what to do to avoid them happening in the first place, you can confidently assure your clients that their data is safe with you and continue to run your translation business without worrying about your network security.

As a translation agency with IT as a specialization, network security is of the upmost importance at BeTranslated. Contact us to get a quote for your IT or telecom translation.