Should machine translation be reducing your translation costs?

save money machine translationLanguage professionals often hear people say, “in a few years we’ll no longer need translators” or “now computers can translate even better than a human”. There’s no denying that machine translation or “MT” has improved by leaps and bounds over the past couple of years. Translators are well aware of the role that MT plays and will continue to play within the translation process, and have adapted their way of working according to changes in technology.

How do these changes affect you as an international company with translation and localization needs? There is a strong economic advantage brought by the use of MT in translation, promising a reduction in market prices for a greater number of language combinations and sectors. So, should you already be paying less? Find out more below… (more…)

Keeping international M&A translation costs down

merger acquisitions translationsWhen accessing an international Virtual Data Room as part of merger or acquisitions project, you will most likely be dealing with hundreds of documents, possibly in a language, your team are not able to understand. It is common that, in the complex procedures involved in negotiating a merger or acquisition, companies overlook or fail to provide for translation costs, resulting in last-minute budget issues that could have otherwise been avoided.

To give you an idea, you could be looking at upwards of 200,000 dollars for a translation project of around 500 documents. If you are naturally looking to cut costs whilst still getting a thorough, punctual translation service, it is always a good idea to work alongside a certified translation service provider, with whom you may consider the following steps and procedures: (more…)

Does your company require a test translation?

test translationPlanning a new translation project for your business? You might be tempted to ask for a test translation from your language service provider to make sure they can provide you the quality you are looking for. However, it may not always be necessary to delay the translation process by requesting one. The best strategy is to consider the nature of your project and what you expect from the agency, communicate your needs clearly and if you are still in doubt, request a test translation. (more…)

Translating PDF documents: how to deal with different file types

Thanks to our years of experience as a professional translation agency, we’ve mastered the art of taking on all types of document, from good old-fashioned Word to more complex files requiring specific tools. That being said, no other file poses as many issues as the PDF (Portable Document Format) file, a format we often work with here at BeTranslated. Find out below just how we deal with these files to provide our clients with a top-quality service. (more…)

Top 5 localization mistakes to watch out for when moving your business abroad

Top 5 Localization MistakesThere is one key reason why you should hire professionals to ensure effective localization for your new business venture abroad: they are experts and therefore much less likely to make mistakes which can jeopardize your project. However, even professionals aren’t perfect, so it is important that you inspect their work very carefully to make sure it is 100% free of any such mistakes. Of course, localization mistakes are not only the ones which the translation agency you hire might make: this is why it is wise to always have a clear idea of your needs and priorities when choosing that company. (more…)