Translating Your Email Marketing Content From Corporate to Human

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Content is a super important part of your email marketing strategy. And one of the best ways to make your content more effective is to make it more human. Unfortunately, most corporations tend to create content that’s robotic in nature and completely stripped of personality.

But, just because you’re in a corporate environment doesn’t mean that you should apply the same stiff, corporate-sounding style of writing you’re accustomed to in your email marketing content.

You can still have professional content without boring your readers. One of the ways to do this is to simplify your content and get rid of the idea that your emails have to fit a certain professional mode in order to be effective. Try these tips to transform your email marketing content from corporate to human.

1. Use humor

Don’t be afraid to be funny. Make your emails informative yet humorous and relatable. You can do this by telling a short, funny story or providing practical examples that the reader can relate to. The goal is for your emails to offer a degree of entertainment while simultaneously being informative.

Humor and storytelling work because they help to lighten the mood which is more likely to elicit a more positive response to your content. Humor will also liven up your email marketing campaigns, making it easier to connect with your audience.

2. Be vulnerable

Share a little bit about yourself. That will help to create an environment of trust and it will be easier for people to resonate with your content.

3. Break it up into bullet points or numbers

The human mind does really well with numbers. (I.e. “7 secrets to a super-healthy gut” or “10 things to pack for a vacation”.) People are more likely to continue reading content if it’s numbered or divided into bullet points.

That’s because once someone has read through one or two bullet points, the human brain just wants to close the loop, thus compelling them to consume more of the content. This is especially effective for longer emails.

4. Lead with feelings, not the sell

Most people buy based on emotion. This means you probably shouldn’t overburden your email copy with a ton of facts and figures straight out the gate.

Rather, drive traffic to your website where people can find more details on the product or service needed to make their decision. The most important thing is to connect with people emotionally by looking at your customers’ desires and fears.

Do they crave freedom, connection, prosperity, adventure? Or are they running away from something, i.e. confusion or frustration? For instance, if you sell a skincare product that helps with acne, you could start with a question like, “are you tired of struggling with your skin?” Next, build rapport to make the person feel at ease. Connect at a human level and use design elements to communicate the message further.

Most importantly, start your email with subject lines that rouse curiosity instead of leading with the sale.

5. Be specific and direct

Make sure your call to action is clear and straightforward. After you’ve offered a solution, your customer will probably be super riled up and excited. So now is the time to go straight for the jugular and make the sale.

6. Use really impactful words in the subject lines

When people read, they skim and scan. They only consume content when something grabs their attention. That’s why you want to tap into the core of the issue as soon as possible and avoid a prolonged pitch.

The good news is that there are certain words that have the power to leap off the screen and attract the reader’s attention like a magnet. This includes powerful words like New, Now, Introducing, Soon, etc. You see, the human brain is hardwired to seek out the latest, new thing, as this releases the feel-good chemical known as dopamine.

The verdict

Well, there you have it! Loosen your grip on the corporate jargon, be straightforward, and don’t be afraid to inject a little bit of humor and storytelling into your email marketing content. And if you need help with your email marketing, don’t be shy to seek the help of email marketing professionals.

If you would like to learn more about translating your marketing content to reach new audiences and build your brand, get in touch with BeTranslated today for more information or a free, no-obligation quote.