Using CRM Tools to Boost Your Translation Agency

CRM tools

CRM is a powerful tool for small and large businesses alike, including translation agencies. CRM boosting features for translation agencies have positive effects on customer relationships, understanding of client needs, and increases in sales. Before we explain how CRM tools can benefit translation services, let’s break down what it actually means.

So, what is CRM? CRM, which stands for Customer Relationship Management, is a strategy, a set of tools and processes that aim to boost your business. It plays a significant role in establishing long-term relationships with customers in order to increase sales. CRM systems that can be used for translation-related tasks include Salesforce, NertHunt, and

Now you know the basics, the platform will explain CRM systems in more detail and expand on the ways they can aid businesses such as translation agencies.

Why Do Translation Agencies Need CRM Tools?

CRM systems offer a set of features that allow for the viewing of customer information, the management of tasks, the storage of translated documents and invoices, the setting up of campaigns, and the sending of targeted emails. CRM tools may be easily adjusted to suit translation agency requirements, for example, you can set up a workflow, understand customer needs, and use tools and processes that increase sales. These definitive CRM features are extremely useful for growing a business.

Let’s take a closer look at the ways translation service providers can benefit from CRM tools.

Maintaining a Professional Approach

Every translation agency with a large database of clients needs a good CRM system. Smartly designed software allows businesses to maintain a professional approach to work while meeting the requirements of the customer; a top priority for any company. CRM permits agencies to manage their workflow in the most effective manner by integrating platforms such as Gmail, Facebook, and LinkedIn, eliminating the need to switch between tabs. Small changes like these save a surprising amount of time and make day-to-day work tasks hassle-free.

Organizing Your Workflow

CRM assists businesses in organizing and clarifying their workflow. Among other things, translation service providers can use CRM software to:

  • Assign tasks
  • Easily view contacts
  • Track the status of projects
  • Remember deadlines
  • Record invoicing details
  • Monitor client-specific tasks and requirements
  • Organize projects in order of priority
  • Calculate translation rates

All these features and more, compiled in intuitively designed software, help companies from all sectors sort, filter, and store data, making managing a steady workflow that bit easier.

Personalizing Emails for Client-Focused Service

With CRM software tools, creating and sending personalized emails to clients is simple. You can create lists of recipients, prepare templates, send targeted emails, and control the delivery process. Personalization is a vital aspect of business marketing. Understanding the needs of your clients and offering them what they are looking for leads to an increase in sales. CRM software provides all the necessary tools to create, send, and track personalized emails, and it doesn’t require you to have specialized skills.

Creating Strong Relationships With Your Clients

As those who manage translation agencies are aware, creating a strong, trustworthy relationship with a client is vital in ensuring happy customers and return business. Whether your company works with European languages like French, Asian languages like Korean, or any other language combination, and whatever sector you translate for, from legal translation to website translation, your client’s lack of linguistic knowledge puts them in a position of having to trust your work. CRM tools can help put clients at ease as they offer many customer support features, which lets them know your agency is professional and reliable.


From improving organization to developing customer relationships, businesses in any sector have a lot to gain from CRM tools. For translation agencies, that tend to do business internationally, and juggle diverse cultural expectations and language barriers, CRM tools can be a game-changer, an irreplaceable tool that assists their business expansion.

Has CRM helped your company to grow? Do you need help communicating with your new, international clients? BeTranslated’s skilled translators are here to help with all your business translation needs. Get in touch today for more information or a free, no-obligation quote.