Simple Steps for Maintaining Your Computers’ Speed and Security

Nov 2, 2020 | Technology, Tips and Tricks

Maintaining your Computers

Maintaining your computers at work can be difficult if your employees aren’t aware of the things they need to do to avoid causing your computers to lose performance.

You’ll notice that your computers are slowly diminishing in speed and processing power over the time that you or your employees are using them.

This can be dealt with very easily if you’re aware of how to restore them to their prime state.

Clear Your Cache and Defrag Regularly

The more you use your computers, the more files that get saved onto it, the slower it starts to become.

The files that you’ve saved or deleted on your hard drive slowly cause it to become fragmented.

This lowers the performance by a noticeable amount, however, all Windows/iOS computers have built-in defragmenting software that you can use to fix that easily.

You can also clear out cache folders from your browsers, as these folders become fuller the more you visit different websites.

Every browser has the option to delete the cache folders saved, but if you want to save the cache for specific websites that you frequently visit, then you can always visit your cache folder and manually delete the ones you have no need for on your computer.

Always Update Your Computers

Software updates can be a pain to deal with, but they help to enhance your computers’ performance over time. Keeping all your software up-to-date also minimizes any risks from hackers, as they usually target devices with older versions of software that aren’t as secure as the latest editions out there.

Software updates can also bring different settings that improve ease of use, so informing your employees to install any updates before they head out of the office can help you keep your computers updated at all times.

Regular Backups Are Mandatory

Many software issues require a full disk format to permanently fix problems.

If some of the computers around the office haven’t been backed up in ages, then you won’t be able to fix the issue without losing some valuable data.

Performing regular backups is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your computers’ performance, as you will have a plan B as your files will be safe, regardless of the issue you’re facing.

Fix Issues Quickly With the Help of Experts

Many small businesses don’t have an IT department, as most business owners choose to outsource it instead.

This can be a great way of maintaining your computers, as they can resolve any issues with computers in the office without having to pay another yearly salary.

Contacting reliable IT consultancy services in your area can help you troubleshoot the issue with the help of experts that are just a phone call away.

IT consultancies can often dispatch a team to your office within an hour of your call for assistance.

Make sure you read different reviews regarding the IT consultancies that you’re interested in, as you’ll be able to find the best one for you without dealing with a trial and error period.

Use a Positively Reviewed Antivirus

Nothing’s worse than dealing with a virus on one of the office computers, as there’s always a risk of it spreading to the main server.

Installing a popular antivirus program can help you avoid this issue and keep your documents safe, as it will spot any risks right away.

Most antivirus software offers free trials for their premium versions, so you can try out different ones before making up your mind about which to invest in.

Clean Your Hardware Frequently

If you’ve had the same computers sitting around for years in your office, then you should probably investigate at how they look internally.

As dust collects around your hardware, the cooling system slowly starts to lose performance due to dust blocking the airflow.

This can be easily fixed by disconnecting your computer from the power supply, unscrewing the side panel off of your computer case, and dusting out the insides of your computer.

Scheduling a cleanup for your devices once or twice a year will ensure lasting smooth performance.

Avoid Clicking on Shady Links

While not all shady links contain harmful viruses to your computer, they can still install annoying software without your permission.

Getting rid of the software installed from these links can be very annoying, so make sure that all your employees know what type of links to avoid opening when they’re surfing the web on any office devices.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your computers running smoothly heavily relies on a mix of regular maintenance and good care taking.

Knowing the solutions to the issues that cause computers to lose performance quality over time can help you either avoid or fix any issues very quickly.

Reading more about the different tips and tricks to keep your office devices running smoothly can help you be prepared for anything that comes your way.

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