How can you minimize on your environmental footprint as a translator?

environmental impact translatorIf you are a professional translator, like us, you will spend a lot of time in front of your computer and hours browsing web pages. Whether using lexicons, dictionaries or websites, you will be accessing these regularly to look up information to complete your translation projects. Undoubtedly you will have frequent communication by email with your customers or colleagues with this being a day to day essential part of the job. It will also incorporate your reliance on them getting back to you in the same manner. (more…)

5 useful tools for the traveling translator

Translating is a global job in more ways than one. There’s the obvious correlation in that as a translator, you probably are fluent in languages from around the world; like French, English, Spanish, German, Korean and Russian all in one mental melting pot.

The other aspect of translating as a global business is that many translators actually travel while working on their projects. Some never leave home. Some hop around the country. Some are bonafide globetrotters! (more…)

Tools for Translators: 10 Ways to Make Evernote Work for You

Most people who spend time online have come across Evernote with its green elephant logo at this point — it’s a hugely popular service that routinely appears in the top downloads of every app store on the web. But just as often, I hear from people who tell me that “they really ought to figure out Evernote” or wish they understood it better. Which is a real shame because Evernote gets more useful the more time you spend with it — and as a freelance translator, I couldn’t imagine my life without this essential tool.

Here, then, are ten tips on how to make Evernote work better for any translator. Try them and see what I mean when I say that it’s changed my workflow and completely and increased my productivity immensely. (more…)

Five great reasons to be a translator in Berlin

Five Great Reasons to be a Translator in Berlin“Arm aber sexy”: it’s been a while since former Berlin Mayer Klaus Wowereit declared the German capital “poor but sexy” — but the label has stuck. Berlin is still considered hip and happening, but maybe not the best place to make a living. Because of its former island-like location in the East of a divided country, there didn’t use to be a lot of industry here, and traditional jobs aren’t as plentiful as in the rest of Germany. (more…)