Our top 10 films about translation

Just like literature, cinema is a great way to set off on a journey of discovery into other cultures, languages and ways of life. This interest in capturing other perspectives through the camera lens has produced many classic and modern films dealing with the subject of translation, either as a subject matter in itself or as a backdrop for some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

The latest movie to be hitting our screens that directly involves translation is a French film, The Translators, out later this month. This movie, which puts translators at the heart of its thrilling action got us thinking about other films where translation makes an appearance. Check out our top 10!


5 things you shouldn’t do when learning a foreign language

learn foreign languages

Avoid doing these 5 things when learning a foreign language

Learning a foreign language can be a tiring and challenging process. You are trying to perfect your pronunciation and grammar every day, yet, it seems like nothing has changed. Many researchers assume that children are better at comprehending foreign languages. They believe that the human brain perceives more new sounds at early childhood. That’s why so many kids that live in bilingual families can speak both languages perfectly. (more…)