7 legal documents requiring translation for international trade

legal documents for translationOverseas expansion, mergers and international trade are common strategies for companies looking to increase their revenue and client base. This step can lead to quantifiable business success, making your product or service available to entirely new markets, however it comes with many challenges such as dealing with differences in legal systems and language barriers.

Why hire a specialized legal translator for your business merger

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) allow many companies to expand into new territories smoothly; occupying the space of a previously established business can provide a head start, particularly when it comes to cultivating a client base. It goes without saying, however, that it is an immensely complicated process, even if both companies are based in the same country. Imagine the complexities of such deals where each corporation is operating in a different country, culture, language, and legal system. (more…)

What to think about when getting a document translated

get document translated

You might find that, for any number of reasons, you need to get a document translated from or into another language. In regards to legal documents, it is even more crucial than most that you get this right, and it is important to hire an excellent translation service to help you. After all, legal jargon is hard to understand in your native tongue, let alone in a second one. To get an idea of what to think about before having your document translated, be sure to read on. (more…)

Features of a good financial translator

Financial translator

The financial sector is one of the few industries that have players and customers from each and every country in the world. You will find insurance companies, banks, real estate agencies, tax authorities, stock exchange firms, among other financial entities everywhere you go. Some of these institutions are locally-based while others are multinationals. For the latter, financial translation is a critical aspect of their business because they have to avail their content in multiple languages to effectively communicate with their diverse target market. (more…)