Why localization is important for doing business internationally

Localization for International Business

Technology has eliminated geographical boundaries and, for businesses focused on growth. This presents an opportunity to cast their nets wider to serve a global demographic. However, while products and services from different cultures can seem appealing, they resonate better with global consumers when they are personalized and unique. This is where localization comes in.


Localization: what’s all the fuss about?


Most businesses branching out into international markets realize that professional translation will be a part of the process, whether that’s the translation of legal contracts, marketing campaigns, or the company website. They may not have considered, however, the need for, and value of, a professional localization service. But what is localization? And why do you need it? (more…)

More than words: tips for creating a multi-language website

creating a multi language website

55% of customers prefer to shop in their native language. If this number doesn’t convince you that you need a multi-language website for your company or e-commerce business, here’s another: famous marketer Neil Patel increased his traffic by 47% by translating his blog. A site in several languages can be a great asset. But what’s the correct way to design such a site? (more…)

Global business guide: top tips for international expansion

The consistent growth of a business always means the expansion of its audience. In a globally connected age, that means international development should always be factored in as part of your business plan. There are many challenges to international trade, but as more of the world gets online, global expansion is no longer loaded with the barriers that it used to be. The rewards can make the hard work more than worth it. If you have hit a growth wall and you’re considering expanding your business to reach an international audience, here are some of the best tips that could turn your company into a worldwide brand. (more…)