What Companies Need to Know About International Translation Services

international translation services

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Doing business with overseas clients is a reality not only for large global corporations, but increasingly for smaller firms as well. In our increasingly globalized business world, international translation services are more and more critical than ever.

Mashable’s BusinessNewsDaily published a handy primer introducing B2B companies to what they should know about language translation.

One of the article’s key points is that the right translation – and the right translation provider – for any given text depends on your goals.

While a machine or crowdsourced translation may be sufficient for specific needs (such as user commentary or in-house communications), most content should pass through the hands of a highly qualified professional translator.

International Marketing Translation

Finding the right translation provider is especially important when looking for multilingual advertising or creative copy.

“Poor quality negatively impacts your branding,” one global language service provider told Business News Daily.

“If you’re an overseas hotel and [a native speaker] reads your description online, he or she may seriously question your reputation based on a bad translation.”

Solutions for Large International Corporations

Dealing with language barriers between you and your foreign business partners?

Need to expand into Asian markets, or preparing for a meeting with a client in Germany?

The success of any international exchange relies on quality, professional, international translation services.

Managing communication between domestic and international offices can seem an overwhelming task: luckily at BeTranslated our team of professional translators is always ready to help you keep things running smoothly across borders.

E-Commerce Translation for Large and Small Companies

Here at BeTranslated we are aware of how important good translation is when it comes to e-commerce.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and for many, an online point of sale is the perfect way to make their business grow.

Website localization can help to expand your client range, as by only producing your e-commerce website in English, you are only reaching a small fraction of internet users.

For larger companies, it is key to provide a user-friendly, global interface for your clients all over the world.

In this case, we recommend professional website localization or even app localization to help your business stand out on the international stage.

Here at BeTranslated we’ve got you covered for all your international translation needs, always keeping in mind the specific needs and corporate image of your business. Get your quote today!