Traduction marketing internationalDoing business with overseas clients is a reality not only for large global corporation but increasingly for smaller businesses as well. In our quickly globalizing business world, language and translation services are more and more important than ever. Mashable’s BusinessNewsDaily just published a very useful primer introducing companies to what they should know about language translation.

One of the article’s key points is that the right translation — and the right translation provider — for any given text depends on your goals. While a machine or crowdsourced translation may be sufficient for certain needs (such as user commentary or in-house communications), most content should pass through the hands of a highly qualified professional translator. This goes especially for advertising or creative copy. “Poor quality negatively impacts your branding,” one global language service provider told Business News Daily. “If you’re an overseas hotel and [a native speaker] reads your description online, he or she may seriously question your reputation based on a bad translation.”

Read the article on Mashable for more advice on which translation might be right for which situation.

What International Companies Need to Know About Translation Services
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