Why Professional Translations Will Help You Grow Your Business

professional translations

In order to be successful on an international scale, it is important that travel agencies and other similar businesses, make use of professional translations to be sure to stay ahead in the growing international travel market.

When traveling abroad, tourists can experience many issues due to the language barrier. In fact, language can be one of the most intimidating aspects of international travel. It is a travel agency’s job to make traveling abroad smooth and convenient for travelers who are entrusting the agency with their hard-earned money.

It is essential that travel agencies invest in professional translations of website content, travel brochures, travel contracts, itineraries and tickets to provide their customers with clear, understandable information in their native language. Professional translations in the travel agency market is simply a necessity to achieve and maintain international success.

How can professional translations help your travel agency get more customers?

1) A travel agency must look for a translation company that operates in its native language and can also translate its information into the languages that will most benefit the company.

BeTranslated is a full-service translation agency offering services to and from English, Italian, German, French, Greek, Turkish, Norwegian, Swedish, as well as several Asian languages. It’s the perfect solution for your travel agency translation needs!

2) A travel agency must ensure that the translation provider they select is available when needed. BeTranslated’s travel agency professional translation services are available in a wide variety of time zones and include both project managers and teams of translation professionals to get the job done on time – every time.

3) An agency should demand complete professionalism in translation project execution.

At BeTranslated, professional freelance translators are able to convert existing web or print text into culturally relevant and attractive versions of travel agency marketing information. BeTranslated is able to do this in a way that brings holidaymakers closer to the vacation of their dreams.

The key to great translation is for it to appear natural, fluent and untranslated – a level of expertise BeTranslated provides like no other.

Don’t let travelers feel lost in translation

When deciding on travel agency translation services for your business, consider the following scenario:

A couple steps off a plane in a distant & unfamiliar airport. Excitement turns to uneasiness as they look at the signs surrounding them and then back at each other with blank stares. Nothing is familiar & they are not even sure they are in the right place. They flag a taxi and the driver waits for instructions. They look at each other in… desperation. 

Their itinerary is in a language they don’t speak and they realize they can’t pronounce the hotel’s name on the paper. Their initial excitement has faded completely and these tourists simply feel lost and unwelcome. At this point, they just want to go home.

Don’t let your customers feel this way. A flawless vacation, one to write home about, happens when a travel agency is an advocate for travelers, keeping them abreast of all travel itineraries, documents and updates in the language they speak.

It is essential that they have a relationship with the traveler that is built on trust and understanding. This cannot be achieved without quality translation services such as those offered by the team at BeTranslated.

Make your travel agency stand out from the competition by providing your customers with top-notch customer service through BeTranslated’s affordable and quality travel agency’s blog translations.

Travelers will feel confident and will then return home pleased with their positive travel experience.

Learn more about how BeTranslated can help your travel agency translate for travelers across the globe by requesting a free quote today.

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