Why Promotional Material Can Help Market Your Company

Feb 11, 2020 | Business Tips, Marketing

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The only way a business can flourish is through advertising and marketing. Even products from popular household names like Apple, Microsoft, and Ford are still being marketed to make sure people of all age groups are familiar with them.

As well as overt advertising campaigns, corporations use promotional material for a more subtle reminder of their presence to potential and previous customers. 

Promotional material refers to items that send a message to the public, usually from a company or institution.

These materials work to nudge existing clients towards using your services again, while reaching new customers.

People often struggle to know where to begin looking for a reliable company when they are in need of a particular service.

Imagine you are looking for a skilled French to English translation service, seeing an agency’s logo on a pen, for example, leads you to think it is a professional, trustworthy option.

Successfully marketing your business, whether it is a translation agency or any other service, does not have to be a complicated affair.

There are simple but efficient ways to advertise your business that do not require a professional marketing team and that are relatively cost-effective. Here are some ideas for promotional materials that could boost your sales:

Everybody Always Needs a Pen

It is as simple as it sounds, putting your company’s logo and contact information on a pen literally puts you in the hands of future clients. To create an eye-catching and memorable logo, consider using an online logo generator.

These tools offer an array of designs and customization options which can help you design a logo that truly represents your brand. Pens are used every day by all kinds of people, and they have a way of travelling far and wide.

Make sure you choose a quality pen to put your name on so that people want to keep hold of it and so that your work is not associated with poor quality.

There are many companies out there that produce top-notch pens that will give your company a professional image and provide your customers with a subliminal reminder of business.

Produce a Calendar and Be Seen Every Day

Even in these digital days, calendars are vital for both individuals and businesses to keep track of their schedules, and even just to have on their desk to glance at quickly for the date.

Give your customers a daily reminder of your company by putting your logo and details on a useful and stylish calendar.

There is a myriad of companies online that allow you to design and print your own calendars easily, so all you need to do is to distribute them amongst your target market.

Don’t forget public spaces such as cafés, who can put up your calendar and reach their varied clientele. With personalized calendars, you provide yourself with 365 days of promotion!

Sports Bottles Are Eco-Friendly and Promotionally Handy

The world today is becoming more and more concerned about the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. As such, people are replacing their single-use items, such as drink bottles and shopping bags, with reusable alternatives.

Whether you’re going to the gym or at your desk at work, most of us have a water bottle we carry around with us, so getting your company’s name on these bottles is another easy and powerful form of advertising.

Again, make sure you use a reputable company to produce the bottles so that they are high-quality, and put your logo, contact details, and what kind of business you are clearly.

These are just a few ideas to get you started with using promotional material to advertise your company.

There are many other products you could consider using, and some may be more or less appropriate for your type of business.

If you are a freelance translator working in legal translation, for example, you might like to invest in products used in an office, such as pens and mouse mats.

Once you have your material, a great way to distribute it is at industry events. The options are limitless!

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