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The white paper: a practical guide for your readers

White papers are very important documents because they are usually a response to government policy and their intent is to encourage discussion and debate. In addition, white papers often ultimately lead to the drafting of legislation. But how will white papers get people talking, for example in the European Union, if they are written in only one language? Contact BeTranslated to have your white papers translated into French, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch or any other language.


Make your documents available in the languages of your target markets

There is no real common language in the EU, so it is essential to have white papers and all important documents translated into the predominant languages to give everyone a chance to read and respond to the policy issues being considered. Of course, you could laboriously search out the many professionals with the required translation skills yourself, but this would be time-consuming and inefficient – far better to have a single point of contact for all your white paper and other translations. That is why BeTranslated is your best choice.

Why use BeTranslated?

We are capable of translating white papers and all other documents with the precision and quality that only true professionals can provide. Rather than simply relying on a bilingual amateur to translate your white papers, isn’t it better to rely on a company with years of experience in the nuances of translation who knows how to communicate the important messages in your white papers accurately as laid out in the original?


BeTranslated offers professional translation services at affordable rates

In addition, we offer our services at affordable rates. There are many translation firms out there that overprice their services and others that charge low rates but do not have the required skills. At BeTranslated, however, we deliver high value with first-rate translations and a flexible, accommodating staff.

Translating your white paper: a strategy that bears fruit

Whatever you need, simply ask and we will do our utmost to handle it for you. Contact us today to have your white papers and other essential documents translated into multiple languages and get your issues in front of a larger audience than you thought possible.

Let’s say you have just found an ideal partner for establishing yourself in emerging markets.

Your next step is to make sure that both parties can communicate and carry out the project. BeTranslated can help you to integrate and build this kind of partnership.

Whether you are based in New York, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Dublin or anywhere else in the world, you can trust us with all of your business documents. Our most experienced translators will be responsible for the translation. BeTranslated’s most popular languages are French, Dutch, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese. We do however also translate into Asian languages such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean, and into Eastern European (Czech, Polish, Bulgarian, Russian and Nordic languages (Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish).

Our translators handle the full range of professional and financial documents required to make international trade work:

Meeting reports

Capital research

White Papers

Business Plans

Annual reports

Geopolitical studies

Marketing documents

Information for shareholders

Profit and loss reports


Insurance documents

We also work with specialists in the translation of legal documents. This means that we can be your sole translation partner. We can provide you with all the necessary tools you need to carry out the partnership of your dreams.

Contact a BeTranslated representative to get your international projects underway.


Our translation agency specializes in the translation of EnglishFrenchGermanDutchSpanishItalianPortuguese, Eastern European languages (Bulgarian, Hungarian, Latvian, PolishRussianRomanian, Slovak and Czech), Scandinavian languages (DanishFinnishNorwegian and Swedish) and Asian languages (Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai). We also translate from and into non-Latin script languages such as ArmenianGreekHebrew and Arabic.

To request a free translation quote, fill in our contact form or send us an email.

Our main areas of specialization

Technical Translation

Technical translation requires not just language skills, but also in-depth knowledge of the subject area in question.

Business Translation

Our translators handle the full range of professional and financial documents that turn the wheels of international trade.

Marketing Translation

A translator specializing in marketing needs unique linguistic and editorial skills that go beyond words in order to deliver a message perfectly tailored to the audience.

IT Translation

Given the accelerating evolution of this field, a translator specializing in telecommunications has to continually stay up to date.

It’s time to translate – Break into new markets almost effortlessly

When is it time to translate a company’s documents, press releases, reports or websites? Well, according to business experts, the time is NOW.

Professional Human Translation

Start as you mean to go on and get it right from the offset. This is the only way to proceed with any type of translation requirement.

A partner you can trust with your Swedish translations

We’re experienced in working with clients who operate in Sweden and can partner with you for any translation from Swedish to English or English to Swedish.

Why e-commerce website translation is key to growth

An e-commerce website offers a relatively low barrier to entry for selling your products and services online. But unlike a traditional business model, it allows you to operate beyond boundaries and start an international business from day one.

How Norwegian translation can help unlock new business

With the help of professional Norwegian translation services, you can easily tailor your business messages to this important market. Get a free quote today.

7 features of a good financial translator

A good financial translation agency should have a team of specialist native linguists who know precisely how a given document ought to be translated.

Aeronautics translations: Why aviation professionals choose BeTranslated

Since our company was first founded by a team of language professionals, we have taken great pride in providing our high-quality aeronautics translations.

Cybersecurity tips for small translation businesses

Cybercrime is one of the biggest threats to businesses in today’s digital age. Stories of hackers trying to infiltrate large businesses and government agencies, often successfully, are regularly seen, but smaller businesses are also affected.

Global business guide: top tips for international expansion

The consistent growth of a business always means the expansion of its audience. In a globally connected age, that means international development should always be factored in as part of your business plan.

How to ensure you get the most out of your translators

Improve your translators’ performances by following these top tips. Having a productive, happy team of freelancers will boost your business’s efficiency and ultimately your profits.

Make sure your translated content is print-ready!

The combination of an affordable, professional print service provider and the services of a human, native translator makes all the difference when attempting to reach foreign markets, helping to reach your target audience and bring in significant returns on your investment.

How language skills can help you run your business smoothly

Starting a new business is an exciting experience. You probably have a million and one ideas that you would like to try out and lots of strategies for growing your business to great heights. That said not many business owners take the communication aspect of business growth too seriously. And yet, its importance can hardly be overstated.

Global B2B marketing: Top 3 reasons why translation is essential

As companies continually strive to expand into international markets, B2B marketing strategies...
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White Paper Translation Services
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We are capable of translating white papers and all other documents with the precision and quality that only true professionals can provide.