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When your international business has a magazine article or newspaper feature that highlights the accomplishments of your company, what are you waiting for? Share that great news with the entire world! Of course, broadcasting the flattering article to the world means you have to translate it and you simply do not have the skills, the resources or the time.

But BeTranslated certainly does. We can easily translate your magazine articles or newspaper features into your requested languages and do it with the highest quality and at fair rates. Consider the following reasons why you should choose BeTranslated as your translation provider.

Benefits of BeTranslated

First of all, when your company receives a great write-up, whether in a print or online magazine, in a newspaper or society literature, it’s a great chance to get noticed! People read about your company’s innovations and achievements, then become interested in your products and services, in investing, working for you – in getting in on the excitement.

But to reach the world and gain the greatest exposure, you must have the article translated into the languages spoken in your target markets. In this way you open the door to new partnerships and investment, and if you execute well, your company will soon be growing thanks to the publicity generated by the translated stories.

Magazine articles

BeTranslated can translate all magazine articles, newspaper write-ups, and the like for you with high accuracy at a reasonable cost. You’ll come to appreciate our flexibility and attentive customer service. Contact us and we will work with you to translate your magazine articles and other documents and help you formulate international business strategy.

You can distribute the translations via email, post them on your website, or have them reprinted in other magazines or newspapers – whatever works best for your business. The small investment you make will pay great rewards to your company and grow its international market share.

So give us a call today and we will discuss how you can use translation for leverage into global markets, whether it’s magazine articles, newspaper features, or any other important documents you have.

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