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Why choose BeTranslated?

With each translator working from home (no luxurious offices, company cars, or heavy business overhead to pay, etc.) we are able to reduce our costs and share this considerable price advantage with our customers to offer affordable translation services.

BeTranslated consists exclusively of professional translators. One BeTranslated Representative will be your contact point and will oversee every aspect of your project.

Primary reasons to choose us:

  • Flexibility

    Because we work with freelancers from many countries (and in multiple time zones), we can translate large documents using our team approach and working effectively “around the clock.”
  • Responsiveness

    We are quick to answer your request, and will begin work immediately as soon as terms are agreed upon.
  • Professionalism

    We are all longtime professionals in the translation business.
  • References

    We regularly work for large international companies and corporations - please visit our Customers page.

Translation services

Our way of doing things:

  • One of our country representatives will contact you, usually the one nearest your location who has expertise in the languages of your request.

  • The core members of the network will discuss your project to evaluate your needs and provide you with a detailed quote.

  • We will get back to you within 24 hours, usually within several hours to confirm receipt of your request. We will then define your requirements.

  • Based on the specifics of your job, we will assign the freelance translator who best matches your needs, and support him or her with our full technical resources.

  • We will deliver the requested documents or files on schedule.

  • We will follow up with you to check that everything is as you required.

  • If you are satisfied, we will bill you. If you have comments, we will perform the necessary changes.

  • All our translators are highly qualified professionals. We will perform most types of translation provided you give us clear guidelines and a reasonable deadline, so if you need a document, a web site or any type of translation, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

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