Should I Translate Into Flemish or Standard Dutch?

Feb 12, 2019 | Languages, Translation

“Should I Translate into Flemish or Standard Dutch?” – the most important question when reaching markets in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Flemish is the general term used to describe the Dutch dialect spoken in Belgium. It’s not an entirely different language, but encompasses a variation spoken in Flanders and dialects spoken in Belgium. Although similar to Standard Dutch, spoken in the Netherlands, it is different in vocabulary, pronunciation and structure.

Standard Dutch and Southern Dutch or Flemish differ in a number of ways. Flemish uses many older words and is also considered to be softer-spoken than Standard Dutch. Many Dutch speakers from the Netherlands consider Flemish to be rather old-fashioned.

In comparison, Belgians consider Standard Dutch to be harsh and guttural, a bit too authoritative, hostile or even arrogant at times.

As you can see, choosing a native Dutch translator is essential. It is also key that you choose a specialist translator who has knowledge in your area of activity, cultural knowledge and the linguistic know how to successfully reach your target market, whether it’s Belgium, the Netherlands, or elsewhere.

The difference between BeTranslated and other professional translation agencies? We have the cultural sensitivity and linguistic know-how to tailor our translations to the target country, taking into account cultural differences and norms specific to each region. We are always sure to carefully choose the translator best suited to your needs, and always work with professionalism to guarantee your Dutch translation project is delivered on time, within your budget.

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