Translation Tools

Translation tools are numerous out there. Some are quite simple to use and have become industry-standard software, while very specialized localization sofware may require more time to learn and make it possible to realize very technical translation activities.

Translation agencies typically use a dedicated translation memory software and require that their translators use the same sofware and return files in two distinctive formats, cleaned and uncleaned. Why is that so, and what does it mean? Uncleaned files are bilingual files in which the tagging remains. This allows the translation agency to edit the documents returned by the translator and then clean the documents to obtain a correct translation memory that can be reused for further projects. Cleaned files are usually asked to make sure that the documents can be properly cleaned by the translation software.

BeTranslated presents on this page a series of translation tools commonly used by freelance translators and translation agencies alike. We use many of these programs for our daily translation and project management related tasks.

  • Word count, character count tool Word, character and line count made easy with Total Assistant.
  • Practicount and Invoice - word count software for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, HTML and PDF
  • Acronym Finder - Find out what over 310,000 acronyms & abbreviations stand for
  • I18nGuy - web site for Internationalization, Localization, Standards, and Amusements
  • i18n Gurus - open Internationalization Resources Directory
  • TRADOS - platforms for multilingual content management and localization.
  • Memsource - Online CAT and Project management tools
  • Déjà Vu - a powerful and customizable computer-aided translation system.
  • Star - software for globalization and localization
  • Systran - machine translation software
  • PASSOLO - software localization tools
  • SDLX Interactive Translation System - translation and localization tools.
  • FreeBudget - freeware text-counting and budgeting tool for .rtf, .doc and .txt files.
  • RC-WinTrans - translation software for Windows resource files and Windows applications.
  • OpenTag - Localization tools downloads
  • Restorator - UI editor for Windows Programs.

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