How to Make and Manage Your Multilingual Videos

Mar 10, 2022 | Video translation

multilingual videos

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During the last few years, video marketing has become mainstream. There are several businesses out there that use videos for marketing their brands.

They are also trying to build community engagement, and generate leads.

One of the surveys conducted recently indicated that more than 80% of the marketers opined that they will opt for creating videos because this content allows them to generate more leads than any other kind of content published online.

Videos can also reach out to a bigger audience across the world. The use of a single language might not be sufficient for the business.

Using diverse languages for video marketing needs clear planning. Here are some tips.

Translate the Video Ads

This is the first step while creating multilingual videos. You need to translate the video into other languages.

It will make sure that the message in the video can reach a larger audience. You may do this either by yourself or use a professional translation service.

Use a service that is a reliable platform and can be used for sending large files as well.

This service must be capable of capturing all the subtleties and nuances in the original ad.

If you can outsource the subtitle translation, you will be able to make sure that the videos are created more accurately while translating into other languages.

Develop Localized Versions

After the video is translated, it is important to develop a localized version. This will cater to the market you are targeting.

It means you need to tailor the messaging and content that will fit the linguistic and cultural needs of a region that you are trying to reach.

You can include subtitles by using the local language that will allow the users to understand the message better even if they do not speak the original language fluently.

It paves a way for a more personal connection with the viewers, and they feel a part of a global community by sharing the language.

Use Localized Tags and Keywords

After the videos are localized and translated, it is significant to make sure that proper people find them. It means you need to use the right tags and keywords for the specific market.

You need to perform research into popular keywords for specific regions and use them for the video descriptions, tags, and titles. It will help in making sure that the videos appear in relevant search results permitting more people to find them and watch them online.

Optimize Videos for Social Media

One of the great things about multilingual videos is that they can be adapted for several social media platforms.

Keep in mind that all the platforms have a unique audience and need a different approach. Therefore, it is significant to ensure that the content is optimized for everyone.

For instance, Facebook brought in mid-roll video ads for inserting ad breaks between two content pieces on their platform.

People watching these videos are going to be interested in learning about the products and brands making them ideal for conversions.

“Crafting multilingual videos optimized for diverse social media platforms is pivotal for engaging global audiences. By tailoring content to resonate with your customers across various platforms, you maximize the potential for meaningful connections and conversions.” – CEO of Vidico.

Be Creative With Content

Never be afraid of being creative while creating content. It is one of the better ways of standing out from the competition and attracting attention from the prospects.

You can also think about using various formats such as live-action, animation, or even puppets. This will make the videos more memorable and engaging.

You may also experiment by using techniques such as case studies, storytelling, and testimonials from satisfied clients.


Using video marketing is a terrific way of reaching out to a huge audience. It allows you to boost the visibility of your brand.

This is especially true in the modern increasingly multilingual global atmosphere.

By using some of these tips, you will be able to develop engaging and relevant videos for viewers from several regions.

Therefore, now you can go out there to develop videos that will catch the attention of everybody.

Several companies have tried using this way of marketing with the use of multilingual video marketing campaigns.

But just a few succeeded in bringing more revenue with the use of diverse languages in their videos.

Remember, all these companies will have a set plan for spreading their messages across various regions in different languages.