How to Stop Procrastination When Working From Home

Dec 9, 2019 | Freelancing, Tips and Tricks

prevent procrastination working from home

With the rise of the internet, working from home has never been easier or more readily available. There’s no denying that the freedom of being your own boss and setting your own work schedule is a big plus, as testified by our translators. However, staying on task and on schedule has never been harder, especially if you’re your own boss with no one to answer to when things are not completed on time. The temptation to start a spring clean instead of answering your emails or updating your website can sometimes prove too much. Here are some tips and services that can help to keep you on track…

Hire a Web Design and Development Team

Most of the time, when a job is too difficult, too time-consuming or just plain boring it’s left until the last minute. Keeping your website up to date is a daunting task, but necessary for freelance translators who need to be found by potential clients online. To avoid this arduous task, contract a service such as Plego Technologies; they can put in the hard craft for you by designing and developing your website on any CMS platform. They are able to work within your budget to produce a high-quality design, giving you more time to spend on the parts of your job you do best.

Start Every Day With a To-Do List

When there are so many jobs at hand, it can be hard to focus on just one at a time. Something as simple as a to-do list helps you to manage your time and projects more specifically. Start by writing the tasks you want to complete that day in order of importance, and then give yourself a reasonable time limit to complete each one. This allows you to stay focused and on track with all your deadlines. If you’re not a fan of pen and paper lists, why not take advantage of the numerous organizational apps now on the market?

Reward Yourself

When working from home, it’s not often that you get a pat on the back for all your hard work. Sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated when you feel as though you are not appreciated. Creating a reward-based system for yourself can keep you going even when you feel like giving up. When you tick off items on your to-do list, reward yourself. Celebrate completing that tricky French to English legal document translation with something as simple as taking a break to have a coffee or treating yourself to take-out. Knowing there is a reward waiting for you can be beneficial to your productivity.

Have a Designated Area for Work

Home-based jobs can often make you feel as though you never leave the office. While there are some perks to being able to sit in bed and work from your laptop, it does also mean that your whole home can be associated with work. Our freelance translators find that having a designated area in which to work and a real structure to your day can help boost productivity and motivation. Once you are sat at your desk, you know it’s time to put in the hours. You might also consider spending some of your time based in a co-working space, where you can be motivated by other busy freelancers.

Get Dressed

All digital nomads are tempted by the prospect of a nice lie-in. However, starting your day right and in good time can help you with time management and help avoid stress. Get dressed, have breakfast and drink your coffee like you normally would when leaving the house. To feel ready for the day, you need to look ready for the day. As tempting as it is to stay in your pajamas, it can make you feel lethargic. Starting your day as if you are leaving to go to work can make you feel more motivated for work.

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