Use Translation to Expand the Reach of Your E-Learning Courses

translate e-learning courses

New methods of online learning are at the heart of the education and training challenges of the 21st century. Many educational platforms now offer online distance learning courses and, by having course content translated into different languages, they make sure that as many students as possible around the globe have access to training programs. Let’s take a closer look.

Translation of didactic content for e-learning or online self-directed learning professionals

Since the turn of the 21st century, the very idea of education and development has undergone a real revolution. It is now quite normal for a company to use an LMS (Learning Management System) platform for employee training. And as for distance learning centers, they use e-learning portals to access a larger number of learners and therefore generate a better return on investment.

With their increasingly sophisticated technology, these self-directed learning platforms offer interactive content to students from around the world. An impeccable translation of these e-learning courses in a variety of languages is therefore essential to any platform concerned with profitability and credibility at an international level.

Professional translation for e-learning or self-directed learning platforms: where quality equals diversity

Your course content, whether interactive or not, has been carefully written by experts of the sector and the videos professionally recorded and edited. Your platform works well for English speaking learners, but it’s possible to reach many more students! It’s clear that a good English to French translation of your training program, for example, would allow you to reach a wider audience, but you can take it even further.

Some platforms, knowing the financial implications of a multilingual site, offer their educational content in Portuguese, Spanish, German, Dutch, Chinese and a whole host of other languages. Face-to-face courses seem to be a thing of the past, and millions of students and employees of companies want to take online courses translated into their language. Why not give it a go yourself? With good natural SEO, the return on investment of your e-learning platform can be extremely fast.

Online teaching material translation services: BeTranslated is your partner, at home and overseas

Whether it’s translating the subtitles of your educational video, the PDF file of your cooking classes, or the content of your computer training, BeTranslated provides education and training institutions with top quality professional translation services.

Our online translation agency selects the most talented linguists with relevant experience in your area, and even in the field of e-learning or self-study, enabling them to provide outstanding work. We work with accomplished translations in numerous language combinations, from Dutch to Japanese to French to English translation, so we can always find the perfect match for your project.

Translating the educational content of distance learning platforms, whatever the original language, allows you to reach new customers, and to stand out from the competition whose content is only available in one language.

Do you generate video, audio, text or other educational material for online training and want to have it translated by professional linguists? Would you like to learn about our prices and deadlines for the translation of your e-learning content? Do not hesitate to contact our online translation agency for a free, no-obligation quote.