What You Should Know About Patent Translation

Dec 4, 2020 | Business, Human Translation

what you should know about patent translation

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Sooner or later, every business starts to look for opportunities to grow and expand worldwide, all the more so in this era of globalization we live in, where borders are pretty nominal. However, to compete on the international scene, patent translation is a necessity, as it is not enough to have innovative products or services that are patented in your home country.

Patents are territorial rights, which means if you want to offer your products in foreign markets, you will have to secure patent protection there. Translation of all the necessary documents is an essential part of the filing process that has many specificities.

Here is everything you should know about the unique area of patent translation.

What Exactly Is Patent Translation?

Just as the name suggests, patent translation is the process of translating patent documentation into a foreign language. The assortment of patent documents is pretty wide and diverse, comprising different patent specifications, tons of correspondence with respective authorities and lawyers, and a broad spectrum of papers needed for a successful patent application or filing process.

Patent translation requires an experienced translator who, apart from top-notch language skills, also has deep knowledge of both the specificities of this field of translation and the industry a certain patent derived from. According to many experts, this particular linguistic task is one of the most challenging and demanding and usually can’t be completed without the help and advice of patent law specialists, who possess the necessary knowledge and expertise. A great number of specific technical terms that are often used only within a narrow field of a certain industry are another aspect of these translations that call for high-profile specialists to translate them precisely and accurately.

Filing vs. Information Translation

You need to understand the difference between translation services for filing a patent vs. translation for your information only. What we are trying to say, only informative translation is absolutely useless without the filing counterpart. You should know that it can serve the only purpose – to provide legal evidence in court proceedings for the already filed patents. That’s why it is crucial to choose a translation service that can offer you both types of translation. You do not want to pay for translation that is only good for your reference and can’t be used for legal purposes.

To kick-start your filing process, you will need an official patent translation able to satisfy those who will be in charge of considering your application. And there are quite a lot of people on the list: patent officials, licensees, legal professionals, as well as employees of respective government agencies. It is vital to have documentation that is translated clearly and concisely, leaving no room for mistakes, misunderstandings, or even the slightest confusion. Needless to say that a certified patent translator should perform such a translation.

Why Even the Slightest Errors Can Cost You Dearly

Yes, even the slightest mistake made in your patent translation can cost you dearly and slow down the whole process. A poor translation can turn into a real disaster – believe us, the filing process is a very complex and challenging project on its own. You do not need additional obstacles on your path to getting the license. Of course, if you spoke the foreign language yourself, you could double-check every single word yourself to make sure everything is in order.

But this is not the case, and you have to trust your translator and believe in their expertise and knowledge. Research and do your due diligence before opting for a specific translation service. It is great if someone you know can recommend an excellent translator, but unless that translator is experienced with patent translation, it’s best to steer clear. Before hiring a translation service, find out whether or not they have a solid portfolio of satisfied clients.

Final Thoughts on Patent Translation

To sum up, you have to be sure that your documents will be translated accurately, flawlessly, quickly, and error-free by a person (or team of people) who is a real expert in what they do. Although a lower price is certainly attractive, be wise, and do not allow price to be the main criteria. Time is money, and huge delays will cost you more. If you want to reduce costs (which is absolutely normal), request quotes from several agencies to compare the offering, but make sure you receive quotes with the final price and not estimates.

If you decide to grow your business and extend the global market coverage, you will need to complete certain procedures to reach your goals. Obtaining a patent in foreign countries is one of them, and it’s in your best interest to ensure every stage goes seamless and hassle-free, including the translation of necessary documents.

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