BeTranslated Snatches Best Translation Agency Award!

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Need technical translation on subject areas written in another language? Looking for a team to translate your marketing materials so you can connect with your target audience? Want to work with an all-around translation agency to provide full range translation of professional and financial documents?

Well, look no further! BeTranslated is a top-notch translation agency based in Valencia, Spain. We’re a team of seasoned translators that can translate any language of your choice.

BeTranslated is a recipient of the Clutch 2021 award for the best translation services provider in the country.

Clutch is a B2B review agency based in Washington, DC. that provides data-driven company ratings on various industries. They take hundreds upon hundreds of client feedback to rank the industry leaders and help those who are looking to start a project.

“We are excited to have been chosen as one of Western Europe’s Top B2B Firms by Clutch.”, says Michael Bastin, CEO of

This award speaks highly of our credibility and reinforces our integrity as a professional translation agency. Our clients’ feedback was taken into account, proving the success of our past and current engagements.

The ‘best translation agency award’ still feels out of this world for us, and we’re beyond grateful for it. Without our team, clients, and stakeholders, we wouldn’t have achieved such prestigious recognition.

top translation service the manifest

In addition to our Clutch award, BeTranslated is also highlighted by The Manifest, a practical business listing site, as one of the best translation agencies in the whole globe. That’s right, not just in Spain, but in the entire market; a true testament to our accurate and first-class services.

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