The Ins and Outs of German and French Uefa Football Terminology

flag-germany-franceThe UEFA European football championship sends emotions soaring with the thrills of competition. While countries compete against countries, good sportsmanship can also bring countries and people together. Sports translations are an important part of this.

Inspired by the 2016 UEFA championship, here are some fun facts around football terminology auf Deutsch and en français. There’s also a few common “faux amis” (false friends) to be aware of when using the two languages. (more…)

Interview with an English to French Translator: Mike

Michael Bastin: French project managerName: Michael or Mike

Born in: Charleroi, Belgium

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Translation (Dutch and English into French), from the Ecole d’Interprètes Internationaux of Mons, Belgium.

Lives in: Valencia, Spain

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Dutch, German and some Italian. I only translate from English, Dutch and Spanish, but I love languages in general. (more…)