Marketing Your Services Online: 5 Key Methods

Apr 28, 2020 | Advertising, Freelancing, Marketing

marketing your services online

Whether you’re a translator, a writer, or another service provider working as a freelancer or within a company, marketing your services online will help you gain more business over time. Online marketing is seen as crucially important to the development of a quality digital business and, as such, isn’t an area you can afford to ignore in your journey towards operational effectiveness. In this short guide, you’ll learn the main methods of advertising and marketing online to help you promote your business or services to the public.

Social media

The wonderful thing about marketing on social media is that your posts and profiles are absolutely free. This means that to have several new homes on the web — including on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — all you need to do is build a profile and add content. Of course, you also have the option of paying to promote your posts, which is easy to do if you have the cash to spend. This will help you build a wider audience based on the demographic limits you place on your advertisements.


Another huge social media and content-sharing website is YouTube, which gets a decent proportion of internet traffic. If you’re not currently using YouTube, you are missing out on a wide variety of different web users, who you would otherwise be able to target with adverts. You should set up a profile and share relevant video footage straight away. You should also consider using True View, which enables you to advertise on top of other people’s videos. With this method, you’ll only pay if the viewer does not skip the advert. This is an efficient and effective way of marketing in 2020.


Next up is the humble email. Email marketing was one of the first fully-fledged methods of marketing your services online in the modern era, and has fallen a little by the wayside in recent years since more novel forms of marketing have been developed. Nonetheless, through email marketing you’re able to promote your business to existing customers, and those who have shared their email address with you. You can use emails to promote new services, offer updates, or even share reward coupons and special offers with your current customer base, all of which will drive up the volume of orders you receive.

Blog posts

Blog posts are a great subtlety for marketing your services online, without having to create an in-your-face ad. In the same way that email marketing works, blog posts are a great way of advertising to existing customers, but also to new customers. The more blog posts you write, the higher the probability of your website or blog post being spread around, via being linked in other peoples websites, and appearing amongst Google’s most frequently asked questions. In order for this to be the case, though, you should familiarize yourself with the concept of SEO, so that you can really optimize your website to its full potential.

Web advertising

Finally, you should also consider the simple web adverts that you see dotted from site to site as you explore the internet. These advertisements are often targeted at a certain type of web user, based on their data profile, and therefore you can reach the people who you think will be most interested in your business. These adverts vary wildly in price, depending on the view and hit count, so you should prepare your budget accordingly if you choose to place adverts on websites in 2020.

We hope this guide has been helpful in informing your marketing strategy and that it aids you in building up your audience and expanding your customer base.

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