8 Surprising Ways Multilingual Transcription and Captioning Can Extend Audience Reach

multilingual transcription

Do you ever wonder what it feels like to watch your favorite foreign drama without subtitles? Or listen in on a meeting with no one who speaks your native tongue? If your life’s a movie, you can bet it would be called Lost in Translation, but without Bob and Charlotte to power you through.

Language can be an obstacle to communication, but only if you let it; there are ways and means to use it to your advantage. If you’re taking your business to the global market, investing in multilingual transcription and captioning can be the best thing you can do, next to digitalization.

In an increasingly digital age, you can now choose transcription software to help meet your needs without going through a lengthy process.

By choosing this route, you will open up your organization’s content to a whole new audience, therefore, widening your reach.

Here are eight surprising ways multilingual transcription and captioning can extend your scope.

Captioning Draws Audience Attention Better

Keeping your audience glued to your content and making them stay until the very end of what you’re showing is a real challenge. When most audiences have the attention span of a goldfish, you must give them what they need to finish the video: by adding text on top of your content.

If they’re scrolling through their feed with no sound and come across your video without closed captions, they’ll likely skip and go to the next one. Not everyone has the time to listen to every piece of content they see online.

And when sound is on, but it’s in a different language, those who haven’t mastered that language won’t understand unless you have captions to go with it.

By captioning your video, you increase your chances of better attracting an audience.

Transcription Improves Clarity and Engagement

You can’t always guarantee clear audio for every activity you create online. To improve audio clarity and timings, providing a transcription can help deliver your message.

Imagine you’re attending a webinar and your computer speakers aren’t working properly, or you’re struggling with the speaker’s accent. All that enthusiasm and the eagerness to listen and learn won’t be helpful.

Having reliable translation and captioning software can help improve clarity and audience engagement by a large margin.

Transcripts Make Your Content Searchable

It’s convenient to have text linked to your content for those moments when you need to look back on something that the speaker mentioned. There are times when you have forgotten the content’s title, but you remember what they said exactly.

Consider it an advantage. Your audience can search for key topics during the webinar or a forum by searching for the keywords.

Enhance Content Accessibility With Captions

One of the essential things that transcription and captioning can do is enhance your content’s accessibility.

Accessibility is a legal requirement for websites, and the best way to promote accessibility is by transcribing your content.

For people who have hearing problems, transcription can help greatly them to understand your content. Providing this audience with accessible content alternatives promotes inclusiveness.

Promoting inclusivity and diversity can help catapult your organization to the peak. Audiences now are more welcoming of brands and organizations that are kind enough to include those with different needs. You’ll be surprised how a bit of consideration can take you to a more comfortable position in the market most of the time.

Multilingual Transcription Boosts SEO Efforts

Convenience and ease of access aren’t only limited to audiences. Your SEO can also greatly benefit from having captioning and transcription software.

These search engines can’t watch a video or listen to audio. What they can do—and they do it best—is read texts. Including transcripts on your website or any digital pages can increase your SEO’s discoverability.

It’s a great tool that you can maximize. It can even attract audiences from outside your home country if you choose to have a multilingual transcription.

Offer an Inclusive Option

Transcripts and captions provide clarity and engagement, and they can also give a more straightforward way of delivering a message.

For instance, say you have a French video, but you want to bring it to your global market. Translations don’t always have to be complicated. Translation and transcription software can make it simpler for your audience to understand.

You can also use these translated transcripts for potential voice-overs if you deem them useful in the future. By utilizing a VO, you can also reach those with visual impairments.

Use Transcription to Tap Into New Country Markets

If you decide to provide multilingual options on your web pages, the possibilities are endless. You open up your business to new markets outside your home country.

Expansion doesn’t always have to be scary or a huge step. Having a multilingual transcript of your content can attract new customers and, if you’re consistent, new partners that can grow your organization. Besides, having these translations on your page gives an excellent first impression.

It’s good for your business to explore new fronts. With the help of transcription software, it’s easy to tap into new contacts. You don’t have to spend much; you just have to be wise about which software to get so that it meets every single one of your market needs.

Translate Your Transcripts to Increase Business Success

Audiences are now keener to watch online videos rather than read an overly long blog or piece of content. But ironically, even though it might sound like reading is boring, having texts on top of your video increases the number of people who watch, and keep watching, your content.

Suppose you’re looking to have a more significant global footprint for your business, in that case, you should consider giving your audience translated transcripts/captions that can help them understand what you’re trying to offer.

Providing options will always have a higher success rate for business operations.

To reach a global audience, you need to provide content in multiple languages. Although simple, it’s the most surefire way to attract new audiences. Multilingual transcription and captioning services can help you achieve that.

They are an excellent option for businesses of all types and sizes.