Proofreading Services to Suit Your Printed Materials

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The digital age truly is upon us… But that doesn’t mean that print on demand services have been made redundant – which means that proofreading services haven’t either! It’s not all about online content – printed merchandise, advertising materials, informative brochures and branded products can all help your business grow, raising awareness and gaining new customers, even in other languages!

Going Old School With On-Demand Printing Services? Don’t Forget to Proofread Your Content!

From freelancer’s business cards to large corporations looking to launch an international marketing campaign, multilingual on-demand printing services should not be underestimated in their power to boost your outreach and gain a fast return on your investment. Branded merchandise alone with your company slogan in different languages could significantly improve brand visibility among international audiences.

However, there is one important question you should be asking yourself before contracting professional printing services. Is my multilingual content print-ready? No one is better equipped to answer that than a certified translation agency, with years of experience in the translation of marketing campaigns. There is one often-overlooked step in the process of translation to print – proofreading of your translation.

Be Sure to Request Professional Proofreading Services

Whether you’ve translated the content yourself or you want a complete translation and proofreading package, always rely on the professionals to tailor and localize your content to your target market. At BeTranslated, we understand just how much a flawless translation can boost your business and when dealing with marketing content, the translation must read fluently and naturally.

If you do not have a native speaker in your team who will be the final eye for your advertising and marketing material, we strongly recommend requesting proofreading services from your professional language service provider. This way you will have a double-check over your translated text – once by one of our native translators, and once again by a second independent linguist who will bring a fresh perspective and a critical eye to the text.

Presentation Is Key

Once your copy has been flawlessly translated and above all, proofread by a native speaker from one of the many proofreading services available, you need to make sure the aesthetic and presentation of your materials are on par! The importance of a professional image, personalization, and a solid brand representation cannot be overstated.

Your best option when it comes to printing your multilingual material is a professional, online, on-demand printing service such as Printful. With plenty of branding and custom options, you can tailor the platform’s white-label products to suit your brand image.

On-Demand E-commerce Solutions

Once you’ve translated your text, why not let a printing service provider take care of the printing, storing, and shipping of your localized merchandise and customized branded products? You can even set up your own online store, selling products such as backpacks, mugs, hats, stickers…!

Promotional products have been proven to create strong customer loyalty. According to a survey by Harris Interactive, almost 90% of customers who had received free promotional products said they were ‘somewhat likely’ to buy more frequently from an online retailer. Once you are sure that your brand message has been perfectly adapted to your target market in their native language, you can really push the boat out with a range of promotional materials thanks to professional printing services!

BeTranslated – Ready-To-Print Translations

It’s always better to be safe than sorry – sometimes it is the most subtle of mistakes that can put off a potential client. What’s more, with printed materials, a mistake can be a very expensive one to fix! This is why when it comes to international marketing campaigns, it’s a safer investment to contract the proofreading services of a professional translation agency.

At BeTranslated, we work with a diverse team of native translators, proofreaders and copywriters in a wide range of language combinations. Need to launch a Spanish brand-awareness campaign in Mexico?  Needing to translate and print a business presentation brochure in French for an upcoming conference? Look no further than BeTranslated as a first step in localizing your content, delivering a ready-to-print final product.

First-class printing demands first-class content: get in touch with BeTranslated today for a free translation and proofreading quote!