Assisting Remote Employees with Professional Development

Remote Employee Professional Development

The thought of managing a remote or international workforce can be overwhelming. Figuring out a way to make all of your employees feel included and productive requires a great deal of effort. Fortunately, finding a few simple options for professional development, such as the ones mentioned in this article, will allow you to take on this task with ease, and produce a better remote workforce.

Professional development is very important in any business. When your employees are given opportunities to improve their skills or knowledge, they are able to add greater value to your company and its goals. It is worth the investment of time and resources to help your employees be their best. Read on to find out a few ways you can help your employees feel valued and productive in their work each day.

Use translation services to break down language barriers

When managing an international workforce, one of the most important things you can do to not only aid in professional development for your employees but also make them feel more connected to their coworkers in other countries, is by providing translation services.

Whether you decide to use a professional translation service to help employees translate documents or for business communication, your employees will be able to better connect with their international colleagues. When your employees don’t all speak the same language, translation services are essential.

Language is often seen as a barrier that keeps people from truly connecting. By providing services that help your employees connect on the same level through a language they understand, you will help to create a strongly connected workforce. When your staff members have effective communication tools, productivity and value are sure to improve.

Teach your employees about money management

Aside from linguistic communication, financial literacy is a universal language that applies to all of your employees. It’s important to help your employees have a better understanding of how to manage their finances, and who better to learn from than their employer?

Employees often struggle with managing their money: how to budget, how much to save, and how to spend money effectively between pay periods. When onboarding a new hire, take time to suggest different banking options, like a financial institution that offers an online banking app. A mobile app allows your employees to check their balance and stay on top of their spending while on-the-go. A financially literate employee is a more responsible and happy employee, so be sure to equip your workers with the tools they need to succeed in their professional and personal lives.

Allow your employees to take on responsibilities outside of their role

A great way to empower your employees is to offer them additional responsibilities outside of the typical expectations of their role. If your employee is looking to advance or apply for a different position within your company, putting your employees’ skills to the test will help them demonstrate their ability to provide additional value to your company. When employees work remotely, it can be difficult to stand out to their superiors, as they are not physically present each day to show the work they are doing.

When a remote employee asks for additional work or wants to help out in a different role, let them. This is a great way for you as an employer to see the work your remote employees can accomplish, as well as notice any new skills that you weren’t already aware that this employee possessed.

The more you allow your workers to show their capabilities, the better you will be able to allocate these workers to positions where they will perform their best. You may even discover that a remote employee enjoys and succeeds in a role they were not initially hired for!

Encourage employees to volunteer for local non-profit organizations

If you want to help your employees become more well-rounded and make a reputation for themselves and your company in their community, encouraging them to volunteer or get involved with a non-profit organization can be a great idea.

Not only does philanthropic work help your employees learn more about their community and its needs, but it will also help your workforce become better workers, as well as increase employee retention.

Philanthropic involvement helps your employees gain a sense of empathy and compassion, which can be applied in the workplace. Having a group of kind and caring employees will make for a more successful company overall.

Understanding that there are challenges and shortcomings that all people face will make it easier for your workers to be there for their colleagues in troubling times.

Investing in remote employees really pays off

Professional development can take on many different forms. Whether you are an employer seeking to provide your employees with additional training and information, or you want to help your employees with their requests for greater development, you will never regret investing time into your workers’ knowledge and skills.

The happier and more involved your employees are, especially your remote employees, the more productive your company can be, and the more likely your employees are to stay.

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